Managed to get almost nothing done today, other than scribbling a post for Writers Plain & Simple and recording a couple of videos for the online magazine-writing course.

This was one of those mornings when you wake up tired, for reasons unknown. Ever have those? Guess it must be the result of not sleeping well. Or something.

Fiddled with QuickTime all morning without even noticing the time pass — took some doing to figure out how to make a video of a PowerPoint presentation and get the audio to run with it. Looks pretty good, and now it should be fairly easy to cook up a few more how-to-do-it videos for that bunch.

Back hurting as usual, very annoying. Plus, equally annoying, sitting around fooling with QuickTime meant I never got around to the planned a.m. mile-long walk. Fat fat fat fat…. So I decided to combine an ad-hoc yoga session with the physical therapy exercises. Helped some but certainly didn’t effect a cure.

Along about 1:30, prepared a nice little meal:  salmon with asparagus, dates, and corn tossed with red bell pepper (not bad), all cooked on the propane grill. Continued to diddle away the afternoon, again with modest results. Finally, along about 4:30 I could NOT hold my eyes open one. more. minute.

Stumbled off to bed, accompanied by dogs. Crapped out until dusk.

And now here’s the WEIRD part: when I woke up, the back pain was gone.

Completely, totally GONE!

That is weird, because normally any time spent inert on a bed freezes up the back and creates exuberant pain. So…wow! Several whole hours, pain-free!

Too good for words.

Out with the dogs: one mile, locked between one dog that tries to drag the human  forward up the street and another that tries to drag it backward. That was fun.

Now to edit some copy in front of a Bones rerun.


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Damn. I planned to make a run on the Costco on the fringe of Richistan to pick up a roast for Christmas, having let time slip past me to the point where if I don’t do it today I’ll end up in the Hell of Retail-Land that is Costco on the weekend before Christmas.

But I’ve been working (remember that?) this morning and so was running late; have an appointment with Financial Adviser Dude early in the afternoon.

The morning was partially consumed by a little computer scare: I start to work and suddenly see a pop-up: An appointment is being entered in iCal, and I need to open it for that to happen.

Huh? iCal? I never use iCal. If I use an electronic calendar, it’s Google Calendar because it’s connected to my business account.

I try to close it. No chance. I try to close iCal. It won’t shut down. Go to a system command and close out of iCal. This works.

Temporarily. Forthwith, though, up comes the same demand: I should enter my Mac password.

Don’t think so… Use the same command to close the errant iCal again. Back up DropBox again to a flash drive. Shut down the iMac (this is happening on the MacBook, but the iMac is on so I can watch Netflix).

Try to make an appointment at the Genius Bar but Apple has complicated this process SO ridiculously that eventually I give up. Figure after the afternoon appt I’ll drop by the Apple store and ask about this.

So finally, after this and some other banging around, along about 11 I go to get into my car…

And…discover that the remote key fob doesn’t work. Try to unlock a door — I need to get into the passenger compartment to put some cargo on that side — and find the key doesn’t open the lock manually, either!

Holy shit.

Fortunately, when I stumbled into the house last night after, I’d left the driver’s side door unlocked, and fortunately, the damn car had NOT locked itself, which it does off and on, erratically and unpredictably. Otherwise, I’d had to break a window to get into the vehicle.

Knowing my proclivity for operating on autopilot, I could just see myself getting out of the car in some parking lot and, by reflex, pressing LOCK on the key fob. Or the damn car locking itself on a whim.

Dig out the Gorilla Tape and slather it down over the little pop-up switch that causes the lights to come on whenever the car door is open. Said car being parked in the garage, leave the driver’s door open.

Call the mechanic. Get his answering machine.

By now it’s too late to do a Costco run all the way to hell and gone out to Paradise Valley, get home, put the groceries away, and get to my afternoon appointment.

A client importunes me. I tell her, as politely as I can, to f*** off.

My son, bless his marvelous heart, VOLUNTEERS OUT OF THE BLUE to pick up meat. Love love love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That gives time to throw some meat on the grill

Mechanic calls. He says to bring the car by after my afternoon meeting…maybe they can fix it.


 I think lunch is almost cooked. And so, up, up, and AWAY!

Tune in next week, same time, same place. ;-)


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