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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

A Few Blessings

Sometimes one despairs of blessings, living in a right-wing flyover state on an income that the feds think of as “poverty” level (it’s not…but that’s another story), where the drivers are crazy and so are the politicians. Some days, though, you just think Thank God.

Thank God for a fine son.

Thank God for friends and online virtual friends.

Thank God for good dogs, good food, and good wine.

Thank God for the choir and the church that supports it.

And thank God we don’t live on the East Coast today.

Thank God for peace and quiet (when you can get it).

Thank God for great coffee and a French press in which to brew it.

Thank God for cacti, a whole swarm of whose new babies will soon be blooming.

Here on Christmas Day, M’hijito tripped over this cactus outside the front side-gate, which is much larger than it appears in that snapshot. He was overflowing with apology, but I assured him it was not a big deal. In fact, it was past time to have cut back that neglected plant.

Eventually I got around to wandering out and picking up the several cactus balls that broke off. This is how cacti reproduce: a chunk breaks off, falls on the ground, and sometime in this century takes root.

w00t! I planted four in the front patio. Can you imagine if they all grow and they all bloom at once? That place is gonna be amazing. Put another couple in the side yard. Planted one in a pot to take to M’hijito’s house. And in the back, I retrieved a pot that had made its way under the lemon tree, where lay an old cactus that I thought had died.

You can’t kill a cactus, you know. Though it had flopped over and broken off at the ground, the bottom was callused and the top part was…still green! No sign of rot. Hmmmm… I have no idea what color it is but suspect it’s one of the deep magenta Easter lily cacti that I brought over from the old house, 14 years ago. Planted it under the overgrown rose on the northwest side of the house, where it should get plenty of light but will have time to adjust to the change of micro-microclimate before the sun turns north and starts to bake that corner.

Yes. The East. They have civilization…we have decent weather. As we scribble, the pooches and I are loafing in the front courtyard. The neighbor’s boy is throwing hoops across the street. Cassie is eating green olives that have fallen out of the tree (the better to barf on the floor!), and Ruby is barking at any sign of a passing neighbor. Yesterday the inversion layer finally lifted and blew out most of the smog. The sky is cerulean blue again, and the trees are rustling softly in a barely moving breeze.

Last night our choir friend who lives in Michigan brought pictures of the snow back home, where she repaired for the holiday. The place was enjoying a serious White Christmas — very picturesque if you don’t have to shovel it. And…that was before the real storm was due to roll in. Fortunately she jumped on a plane back to the Valley of the We Do Mean Sun hours before said monster storm was expected to arrive.

Thank God for Chinese mathematicians and assorted other academics. A fairly large new project is slated to fly in over the transom tomorrow afternoon, at which time I intend to be hiking in the desert. This is from a senior scholar, a lively fellow who seems to have had an interesting career…and is decidedly still kickin’. So I’m looking forward to working on that, the first major job of 2018.

Today is the only day this week I have to myself: SDXB is coming over tomorrow, a meeting on the far side of the West Valley beckons for Saturday, and of course half of Sunday will be consumed by singing. Every other day has been occupied by one activity or another. It’s almost noon and I have done nothing — unless you consider blogging to be something. This afternoon I want to prune that overgrown rose, which has run amok for years. Walk a mile and a half, preferably sans dragging dogs. Loaf some more. Maybe write some more. Download 2017 data from the bank and credit card issuers; organize that stuff for WonderAccountant’s convenience. And cook up a pot of food for the hounds.

And so, away…to another “busy” day of retirement. 😉

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