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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

A Gray Day in the Valley of the Sun

By golly, it was 80 degrees out here on the back porch come dawn this morning. At 9 a.m., it’s no warmer! And here comes Ruby, bearing a mummified orange. Cassie has taught her the delights of chewing up the things…and there she goes, carrying it to the Nest in the back bathroom.

Apparently quite a monsoon blew through during the night: friends who were leaving for vacation last night were marooned at the airport. But as usual, nothing much was up here except for some dust. No sign of any significant rain in our parts. {chortle!} We live in the desert part of the desert. Wonderful, fat-looking gray and blue-gray clouds still shade the desert floor, and for the first time in three months one can sit in one’s yard to play with one’s computer.

And that’s about the extent of what I’d like to do today.

I really need to make a Costco run but don’t see how that’s going to happen this week. Normally Wednesday is the best day: smallest crowds. Monday is not so good, because they tend to run out of stock over the weekend. They restock Monday afternoon, meaning pickings are relatively slim on the first day of the workweek. Plus the employees tend to be a little crabby on Monday.

L’orange de mon chien

The rest of the week looks even less promising, though: every day is filled up with one appointment or activity after another. Doctor’s appointment, dentist’s appointment, vet’s appointment: all of them scheduled smack in the middle of the time one would usually use for midweek errand-running.

Some of this stuff I could probably buy at Safeway, but a few Costco-specific things are running low. And, come to think of it, I need gas if I’m going to have to drive from pillar to post every day for the rest of this week and out to the Indian Reservation for this week’s bidness networking group meeting.

Hm. The vet appointment isn’t until 2 p.m. tomorrow. That would leave time for a Costco run in the morning, assuming I fly low, get back here early enough to pile the perishables in the fridge and freezer in time to shoot back out the door at 1:00. That would maybe be preferable to surfacing at the store and finding them low on produce and meat. I’m pretty picky…and when I’m paying that much for a lifetime supply of whatever, I want some choice in the matter.

Wednesday: out of the question. Doctor’s appointment in the morning, way to Hell and gone in Maryvale (a 45-minute drive each way). Then as soon as I get home, it’s off to meet a friend and go in search of some upholstery fabric.

She has a lovely dining room set, vintage Ethan Allen from the 1940s or 50s, which she found some years ago at a thrift store in Sun City. It still has the original, pretty damn handsome seat covers, but they’re wearing thin and need to be re-upholstered. So we’re going in search of upholstery fabric.

These days, that’s easier said than done. One of the many “joys” of surviving into the early 21st century is finding that most fabric stores have shut down. The Fabric World nearest to us closed years ago — and it didn’t carry much upholstery material, anyway. There’s an expensive store out in Scottsdale — you have to take out a bank loan to recover your favorite easy chair with stuff from that place. But up Cave Creek Road there’s a dingy but highly serviceable joint called Fabric Depot. Shopping there is a bit of a project. Though staff is anxious to help and will climb halfway to the stratosphere to get down whatever suits your whim, the stock is indeed arranged almost to the warehouse-high ceiling. So it takes some doing to find what you want, and then you have to get ahold of it.

I think she might be able to take the chairs to Ethan Allen and get them recovered there…but Ethan Allen being what it is, that could be outside the budget.

The shop in Sun City simply defies belief. It looks like an ordinary grungy thrift store. But what’s happening is, when some out-of-stater’s parents croak over in Sun City or have to go into a nursing home, the kids don’t want to be bothered with coming to Arizona and shoveling out the house, so they’ll just consign everything to these places — there’s a whole strip mall full of them. NG (that would be SDXB’s New Girlfriend) got a Stickley dining room set there!!!!!!! For a handful of peanuts.

Amazingly, she didn’t know what Stickley is…I had to explain it to her. Neither, apparently, did the former owners’ kids. Ohhh well: their loss, NG’s gain.

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  1. NG????What happened to the OG??? Furniture in this neck of the woods is puzzling…I put a dining room set with 4 padded chairs and a leaf on Craigslist for $50…no takers and actually had a guy call me and say he had a similar set that he COULDN’ GIVE AWAY on CL. He gave up after 8 weeks. I paid over $1K + 30 years ago… As for upholstery, Wal Mart chased the local JoAnne Fabrics out of our zip code when it went into the fabric and upholstery material biz in a big way. THEN Wal Mart promptly got out of the fabric biz basically after 18 months. Leaving our area a “fabric desert”….And to have something repaired or re-upholstered is fairly prohibitive cost wise for labor which leaves plenty of old pieces with “good bones” available for pennies or FREE….

  2. LOL! The OG line forms at the left. Remember: this is the Man Who Cannot Get Rid of a Wife or Girlfriend. 🙂 He has quite the harem of us. “Friends,” now.

    Try a consignment store for the aged furniture. Alternatively, you could donate it and take a deduction.

    Yah, that’s the problem with these big box stores. Home Depot chased off all the great old hardware and lumber stores around here by underpricing them. Then as soon as the coast was clear, HD jacked up the prices.

    I hadn’t thought about Walmart, because by and large I don’t shop there. But that would explain what happened to the several fabric stores in the area.

  3. You are so funny! I happened upon your post on Pintrest and bought two of your books. I love your blog. I lived in Arizona for forty years. taught at Central Az College and Northland Pioneer College for eight years. Managed to fly under the radar (limit 3 classes=9 credits)as an adjunct professor by teaching 1 credit workshops ( racked up close to 30 credits a semester for nine years until they hired a new HR director who was shocked at the amount of money I was earning and put an immediate stop to my scheme. I didn’t care about health insurance or retirement benefits because my husband was in the military retired. and I was teaching in the hinterlands of the Navajo/Hopi Rez (I loved teaching there, great students). Not one administrator ever dared drive the hour and a half to see what we were doing. Happy students. Happy teachers. Love the way you write. Oh, BSBA MEdMathematics. +60 graduate level credits past Master in order to keep my teaching license in AZ. No post-doc thanks anyway. I like learning new subjects for fun now because I’m 70 and don’t GAS (give a Shit) what people think.

    • Welcome! Glad you enjoy the site and hope you’ll stick around.

      Congratulations on exploiting the exploitation at the community colleges. MCCD has a centralized PR department, so I’m sure they’d catch on to just about any strategy to extract a living wage for adjunct faculty. 😀