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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Amazon Update

So the Kindle people write back and insist they can’t see any sign of my having set up a sale for the 30 Pounds / 4 Months book, in spite of the fact that I’m quite sure I did so.

Ugh. I am simply too discouraged to fart with this any more. Life is too short.

But I will ask Wonder E-Book Dude (whose work gets more amazing every time you turn around — this guy is AMAZINGLY good, especially if you have an ebook with complex formatting or with images)…yes, E-Book Dude if he will please convert the cookbook to ePub suitable for Smashwords. Then I can get it up on a lot of venues beyond Amazon, and after that I’ll start trying to plump it through face-to-face contact and selling hard copy in outlets other than bookstores.

And now here’s SDXB, bringing a halt to any further work for the next few hours. ‘Bye!

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  1. I know you’ve had it with the erotic publishing, but I just found this podcast – My Dad Wrote a Porno. It is hysterical!! It’s just what it says. Jamie’s dad has written and self-published an erotic novel. Jamie and his friends read it out loud, with commentary. It isn’t mean spirited, it’s actually very warm hearted. Content note for language.

    • LOL! That IS funny. M’hijito hasn’t a clue, as he doesn’t read my online maunderings. Wonder-Accountant and I have discussed this, as he of course will inherit the S-corporation and its assets…including the (heh) intellectual properties. If we get to hover around a while after we pass through the Veil, I hope I’m there to see the expression on his face. 😉

  2. I bet it’s always good to see SDXB…..probably came by to see that new “composter”. Any hint of “compost envy ” yet from friends?