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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

And the New Budget Is…

…NOT a new budget????

Dang! Is this possible? English-major math suggests there’s enough left in the 2016/17 budget to cover the new car payments, and then some.

The car payments, at 1.9%, come to $387.67. That’s a little better than the $400 the car dealer wanted to extract for the 2.9% loan they had in mind.

As a practical matter, I could have afforded the loan they wanted to make…it was the principle of the thing. I surely didn’t appreciate being maneuvered into a percent more (or any more, for that matter) than I’d already negotiated at the credit union.

The amount budgeted (at least for the winter season) is $2,084/month. As a practical matter, the high summertime bill is around $2,655.

Meanwhile… When you take this year’s RMD and add net Social Security to it, then subtract the $4,652/year car payments, and then divide the result by 12, you get about $3,000 left to live on.

If you take the $2084 figure as an average monthly cost (and therefore some months will cost less), a substantial amount should be left at the end of 2017: more than enough to replaster the pool.

That’s assuming no disasters occur, of course.

At that rate, I think, there’s no need to hurry to pay this loan off. I can use next year’s remainder for the planned pool maintenance, and still have something for a substantial emergency fund. Or…to make next year’s payments.

It’s a miracle. Or something…

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  1. Hey, there’s a nice surprise for you!

    • And how! Was really worried about how to pay for the thing.

      Could this be (at last!) a positive result of Bag Lady Syndrome? I’ve pinched pennies so vigorously for the past couple of years (hoping to collect enough to work on the pool, in theory; but in reality to stay out from under the dreaded Seventh Avenue Overpass) that now there’s enough of a reserve to cover a predictable — if absurd and unwelcome — expense.

  2. That’s a good surprise. Hopefully the unexpected stuff that comes up that you never really plan for doesn’t take the cushion away, but at least you have the cushion, right?

    • Evidently…assuming the English-major math isn’t TOO English-majorly. If we believe my arithmetic, several thousand dollars remain to cover surprises. Not enough to buy a new roof or air-conditioner — but both of those are still on warranty.

      If a miracle happens and nothing huge comes up between now and next September (my “fiscal year” running from RMD to RMD is Sept 22 to Sept 22), there should be plenty to cover the usual unpleasant surprises.

  3. Will a lot of your success depend on you refraining from Costco “adventures”?

    • Probably not. However, conveniently enough I’ve now broken the habit of running to Costco every time I run out of something that comes from there — filling in the gap with a grocery store purchase suffices, and it keeps me out of Impulse Buy Hell. That actually _does_ seem to be saving a few shekels.

  4. That’s great news! And it must bring down the stress level a bit!

    • Well, buying the thing certainly put the stress level through the stratosphere! 😀 But yah…after the 5-hour wait in the wilds of southwest Phoenix and the remark from the mechanic that the rebuilt alternators he could buy “crap out,” I just didn’t trust the Dog Chariot anymore.