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Back to the Future

So it looks like the MacBook Pro has been broken by the new operating system. This morning I got it working by rebooting four times, but I am now officially out of patience. If I’m still conscious by the time I escape the cardiologist this afternoon, it’s off to Costco to peruse their PC offerings.

It still works on and off — about as much off as on. Just now I’m scribbling this on the MacBook, but it remains to be seen whether I’ll get through an entire post and get it online. The connection is up and down, up and down…any time I come back to the machine and turn it on, I’ll not know whether it’s still connected to the Internet or not. And it’s not a Cox issue: the iMac is always online.

One could say this is a wireless connectivity issue. Yes. One could say that. But… It was fine before El Capitan was installed — all of this bullshit began after the OS update.

I figure I’ll give up, get Office in the goddamn Cloud, much as I don’t want to, and that will give me Outlook. Then I’ll have MacMail forward everything to Outlook. I’ll have to put a notice in my “signature” lines giving people the new email address. It’ll probably take a year or so to get everyone weaned over to Outlook.

God. The hassle factor is just DAUNTING.

On the other hand, the MacRidiculous factor is pretty daunting, too.

These two computers are less than six years old, and I’m told they’re both out of date and need to be replaced with new $2,000 to $3,000 units. THAT is MacRidiculous. For a third of that, I can buy a very nice PC, one that will run all of the features — including the long-lost keyboard shortcuts — of Word and Excel.

One of many problems is the take-it-from-mediocre-to-worse policy that seems to be symptomatic of Apple in the post-Jobs era.

For example, the company’s prior photo editor, iPhoto, left something to be desired. It fell far short of the  Windows photo editing software that came with an old Kodak digital camera I had.

But of course, when I switched from the PC to the Mac, the damn thing wouldn’t run the Kodak software, so I was stuck with iPhoto.

The new software, Photos, makes iPhoto look good. It probably does do a few things a little better than iPhoto, but so far I haven’t seen any improvement. And whereas iPhoto would let you export an image where YOU wanted it, this new piece of junk will not. To get an image where you want it, first you have to rename it. Then you have to copy it to the desktop. Then you have to get into Finder and drag it to the folder within the folder on DropBox where  you wish to keep it.

DropBox automatically imports all the images on your camera to a folder there, a bit of arrogance I could do without. What you then end up with is 87 gerjillion images with titles like “P12345678910.jpg” — and good luck to you trying to find the image you want.

Every image that I use for Funny is saved to DB in a folder organized into sub-folders by subject matter. This is because when you move a blog from one server to another, you’re likely to lose images. BigScoots, for example, has kindly deleted image after image after image in older posts. Sometimes you want one of those images, and of course, if your server guys have erased it, you can’t find it in WP’s “Media,” creating yet another computer hassle.

So what that means is when I download images from my camera to use on Funny about Money, I need to be able to save some of those images to, say, DropBox > Blog images > Corgis. OS X 10’s “Photos” program seems to be designed to make that as hard as possible.

It looks a bit like Windows has screwed up the capacity for editing and managing photos in exactly the same way. From what I can tell, Windows 10’s photo app works almost the same as Mac’s Photos. And apparently it’s unloved by Microsoft users for just about the same reasons… Probably I’ll have to try to find some other software.

This is so annoying. Really. Why take a piece of equipment that “just works” and change it into something that “just doesn’t work”?

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  1. Tis a crazy world in which we live…. The “Post-Jobs” Apple is a shadow of it’s former self for sure. IMHO they just want to be “a computer company” that sells phones…for too much money. Your/our phone companies (AT & T and Verizon) don’t want to be phone companies…they want to be “entertainment companies” and deliver it on our phones. And cable companies (Comcast and the like)….don’t want to be cable companies they want to provide the content. Evident from Comcast’s buying of NBC. Aaaand none of this makes sense to me… If Apple would just “stick to it’s knitting” and work on keeping it’s existing customer base (present company included) for computers happy they would have a license to print money!
    What I truly find amazing is the capacity “tablets” have today. DW bought a tablet off the internet (Samsung? ) for like $160 and it takes better photos then her Canon and is faster than my 3 year old laptop. I wonder …at $160…how much profit can there be in this device?

    • Crazy defines it, that’s for sure!

      Actually, Apple has moved its customer service off-site. If you get in touch with their telephone customer service, they are WONDERFUL. They’re human, and so some of the CSRs are better than others but they’re all very helpful, kind, and act like they want to make things better. That’s a rare commodity, right there!

      Cable companies: Evil empire. Phone companies: They practice to be crazy-making. If it were up- to me, we’d go back to smoke signals.

      Interesting about Tablet As Camera. My ancient iPad takes pictures, too, but it’s kind of ungainly. I guess some of the newer tablets are lighter and more manageable. I’ll look into that.

      Just back from Costco: for a thousand bucks, you can buy enough memory to hold the Library of Alexandria. A new Macbook Pro (with one, not three USB ports…) costs $1300 to $1800.

      It looks like the trick MAY be to buy a computer designed for gaming, which provides lots more memory and space. They also have bigger, fancier screens. Gonna do a little more resear4ch and then talk with my friend, the PC Magician (<3), whom I hope to see tomorrow. NO one knows more about PCs than this guy, so once I have a good idea of what I deed and what's out there, he should be able to advise.

  2. Getting the expert involved is probably best….I have always had good luck sticking with HP AND AMD processors. Of course I don’t use mine like you do so you would probably have different needs. As for the tablet….DW USED to use an I-pad but since the new tablet arrived…it lies dormant….The I-pad seems to have some “bugs” that the dude at the Apple Store said she had to CALL Apple support for….even though she was there….AND had made an appointment…..AND was willing to pay for the help….She won’t be back…. Gotta tell ya this tablet is quick….really thin…..has excellent battery life….and never gets warm….pretty crazy….I think she can even compose and print some…. and the pics are just crazy….all for $160ish.

  3. If you’ve taken the time to import your images to Photos, why not use the program to store and organize them? It has the functionality to add images to albums and folders, you can tag them with keywords and other metadata. If you later want to export an image all you have to do is click the image, file>export, choose the format you want, and then choose the location you want the file to save in the finder window that pops up.

    Or, if you don’t want the images stored in Photos, why not use a program such as Photoshop or Gimp to edit images? That would save the step of importing/exporting to/from Photos.

    • For one thing, because there are literally _thousands_ of images in there. I don’t have that many hours, days, weeks and months left in my life to dork around with Photos!!!!

      I haven’t taken time to import. When iPhotos went away, OSX10 engrossed them automatically into Photos, a program that is even more annoying than iPhotos, with which I had made a grudging peace. Speaking of iPhoto, that program would automatically suck up any images on your camera or camera card, the instant you plugged it in, so no, I didn’t take any time to import images: I had no choice in the matter.

      Really, I don’t like the stupid “albums.” Please. Let me organize my images the way I want them organized, not the way some tech in Silicon Valley imagines I OUGHT have them organized. All I want to do is put them where I want them, where I can get at them quickly and easily in one or two clicks, not with point-click-point-click-point-click to the power of ten to the twelfth! And I want the ones that matter on DropBox, not on a computer that just now is doing its damnedest to self-destruct.

      Crazy-making…as you can tell.

      I’m going to get Corel PaintShop Pro X9, which seems to have all the needed functions and, from what I can tell, does them fairly simply. And they’re not Adobe, another source of annoyance. First, though, I’ve got to decide whether to replace the limping MacBook with another MacBook or with a PC.