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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Coming Out of the Coma?

It looks  like the comatose state is starting to recede. As we scribble, I’m swiggling the first snarfle of cheap (or any) wine I’ve been able to stomach in a week. The fever is gone, apparently once and for all — yesterday it came back, but by this a.m. my normal cold-fish state was restored. The cough is getting a little better, though any cough at all comes under the heading of “undesirable.” Or…how about as “deplorable”? {chortle!}

Y’know, we have got to design a Special Funny About Money DEPLORABLES T-shirt. How can we live without such a thing? I could give it away as a prize…uhm, gift…to everyone who buys one of my politically incorrect books. Or a Speed Queen Washer. 😀

One of the Choir Ladies says she’ll bring over some frozen meatloaf. Mirabilis! Has ever a better comfort food been invented than meatloaf?

In the meantime, I ran down to Sprouts, whereinat I found a box of chicken broth that really is low-sodium: 3% RDA, a far cry from the 24% spotted at AJ’s, that Emporium of All Things Gourmet and Effete. So just now a pot of corn chowder is heating. It’s ridiculously easy to put together: basically a matter of dumping stuff into a pot and turning on the gas. Thought about not pureeing it, but then decided a) I don’t feel all that bad that I can’t stumble over to the blender and b) as I recall, this was a particularly tasty brew, and I’ll betcha blending it had something to do with that.

Gerardo & his crew came by this morning to beat back the rainy season’s weeds. He said he and his wife have had the same epizootic and described exactly the same progress: three days knocked flat on their backs. He said he recovered faster than she did. Looked at that wiry little guy and thought Dude! You would recover from a train wreck faster than any of the rest of us would. That is one tough, powerful fella.

Muy macho.

Unfit for paying work, I’ve been dorking with the draft of a new noveloid. I seem to make a great deal more progress with Spider Solitaire than I do with drafting. So along about mid-morning, I set a goal to discover how much I could write in one hour.

The answer?

Six paragraphs…

…of dialogue.

Ohhh well.

Next: Let the current prospective client know she should send her material over if she so chooses; then eat this chowder; then go back to bed. And so, away!

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  1. Glad you are feeling better….As for the deplorable t-shirt….great idea! I already have one. I’ve worn it out & about and it is QUITE the “conversation piece”. I have received pats on the back….thumbs up…..thumbs down….and an encounter with, I’m guessing an 80-something year old gal, who gave me “the finger”. We truly are a Nation divided….But what is it about a “senior citizen” giving us the “bird” that makes us chuckle?

    • LOL! Well, you know…we old duffers WERE the hippies and the beatniks. Age does not necessarily equate to conformity and submissiveness.

  2. Funny, on your recommendation and something I read on Yahoo last week, I went out and bought a Speed Queen washer. LOVE IT!! It’s so nice to have a washer that fills with water and real hot water at that! My clothes got clean…the first time! I’m in my late 50’s, so I’m hoping that it really will last me the rest of my life….

    • Hurrah! Welcome to the SQ Cult!

      And yes…isn’t AMAZING to have your clothes come out of the washer clean? And in 30 minutes flat!

      Interestingly, my electric bill dropped to $72 this month, as opposed to about $100 last year at this time. D’ya suppose being able to put _all_ the colored clothes in ONE load (as opposed to three or four) and use only 30 minutes’ worth of power (as opposed to 3 or 4 x 1.3 hours) could’ve had something to do with that?

  3. Well, I don’t know about the power bill, but I know my water bill will probably increase. But that’s OK. Unfortunately, the store I got mine at only carried 2 models and they’re both smaller than the one I had. So, I may be doing more loads. It will still wash 2 loads in less time than the 1 though. Love that!

    • It may. But I’ve found that even though the tub on the one I bought looked smaller than the Samsung’s and holds a comforter a little more tightly than the Samsung, it seems to wash a LOT more clothes in one go.

      With the Samsung, I had to separate out the jeans, because if I ran them with anything that had sleeves or straps, they would come out in braids. I would wash these by hand (yes…washing blue jeans by hand…Third-World Problems, eh?) and then run them through the rinse cycle to avoid the braiding. Other items simply had to be washed in smaller loads…so what I’d put in one load in the SQ would require three loads in the Accursed Samsung.

      You couldn’t prove it by me…but I SUSPECT I’m actually running fewer loads because more things can be packed in without creating a tangle or coming out of the “wash” with bone dry patches.