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DANCE TO SPRING! (well…late summer)

A rose for WordPress

Funny is now officially part of WordPress! Hooorayyyy!

It was a project, because I haven’t the faintest idea what I’m doing, but the excellentsupport staff here at WordPress managed, with great patience and elaborate effort at explaining things in words of one syllable, to help me move the domain name over here. Thank you, Anthony and Douglas!

So, welcome to Funny’s new home. I hope you like the design, which was cadged directly from one of WordPress’s templates.

I’m now going to start publishing content that I copied-&-pasted over from iWeb. The result is that many of you will get pinged by posts dating as far back as December 25. My apologies — if there’s a way to turn off the ping function, I haven’t figured it out.

Originally I thought I should start from the beginning and work forward. However, slapping posts over here one by one is a time-consuming process. After a while it became apparent that it would be better to work backward from the present. As of now, I’ve got August and part of July uploaded, plus December and January. In the evenings while I’m sitting in front of the idiot box, I will keep moving copy, and so every now and again more outdated pings will go out. Sorreeee! 😳

Today being a workday, I must spend the next few hours editing feminist tracts. However, later today or tomorrow I’ll try to get FeedBurner onto the site. Be patient! It takes me a while to figure these things out.

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  1. Congratulations on your move. Maybe I should get you a virtual housewarming gift.