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Disable Lion’s ANNOYING Automatic Spelling Correction

This morning I sent an e-mail to LaMaya describing how a mutual friend charmingly and amusingly pronounced the word “chiropractor” as “choiropractor.” I thought it was very cute. When she replied to that e-mail, preserving my message in it, I discovered that MacMail and silently corrected the funny spelling back to “chiropractor”: she pronounced “chiropractor” as “chiropractor”! This moment of stupidity, it develops, is a function of Lion OSX, and I am not the first scribbler to find it exceptionally annoying.

A couple of days ago I searched around in “Preferences” trying to find a way to shut MacMail’s arrogant “corrections” OFF. No luck. But today I discovered how to get rid of it, at least in the Mail program.

Open a new message in MacMail.
Place your cursor in the body of the message (not in an address line).
Go to the Edit menu.
Find Spelling and Grammar; hover to open the drop-down menu  next to it.
Click to deselect “Check Spelling Automatically.” Be sure the checkmark next to it disappears.
If you want to be alerted when the system thinks you’re misspelled a word (in time-honored way of MS Word’s little squiggly line under the offending term), stay in this drop-down menu, hover over “Check Spelling” to bring up a sub-dropdown-menu, and select “While Typing.”

Now close out of MacMail and then reboot. This will preserve your changes.

Back later with posts on livelier topics. For the nonce, though, I’m reduced to actually working.

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