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Doggy Update: Death Refuses to Have Her


So Cassie the Beleaguered Corgi seemed better after mid-morning. She kinda sprang back. Along about 2:00 p.m., we had an appointment with a vet at the clinic where my son takes his dog. My, that was a refreshing drive: only took about 10 minutes to get there, as opposed to the 40-minute drive required to arrive in MarvelVet’s precincts.

I explained my questions and misgivings to this vet. She allowed as to how these were reasonable questions and thought that indeed there was some ambiguity in the various indications. All in all, though, she agreed with MarvelVet that what ails the dog is probably Valley fever.

However, on this check-up Cassie seemed significantly better. Whereas MarvelVet was alarmed because he could hear the congestion in her little chest, today no such sounds were audible. Her temperature was down to normal. Her cough has been better most of the day. She only wheezed once at the vet’s office.

She (vet) also said the fluconazole should have few bothersome side effects in dogs. She thinks Cassie has been dragging because of the ailment, not because of the cure. And she suggested testing her again in three or four weeks, by which time she suspects the titre will change from negative to positive.


The incubation period for Valley fever is 7 to 28 days after exposure. If you believe this is a new infection, that would make sense: this summer we had several dust storms that blew into the hood. Because we’re in the rain shadow of the North Mountains, we do tend to be protected from so-called “haboobs,” a stupid sell-newspapers name for dust storms, but this year they were pretty fierce. So…yeah…maybe she picked this up over the summer.

But the truth is, if you live in Arizona’s low desert, you’re exposed just by virtue of living here. You can harbor the fungus for a long time without ever noticing. The if something happens to dent your immune system, voilà! You notice…  And 12 years of doggy age — some 70 years± of human years — most surely is enough to dent your immune system. WhatEVER,,,the likelihood of her having picked it up over the past decade or so is extremely high.

So this vet: she’s from Trinidad. I liked her a lot. She spent a lot of time examining the pooch and chatting with the human, and it was clear she really knew what she was talking about. Yeah: I was impressed.

She and her husband, an IT dude, are so revolted by the political situation in our country that they’re seriously thinking of moving back.

And therein lies the brain drain issue: they’re only two of the many young professionals I know who speak of leaving the country. Permanently. If we haven’t stupided down America enough, the present administration is busily delivering the coup de grâce: when all the bright young men and women leave, we’ll have only a few smart old people left to keep the nation on track. And once they’re gone? Bye-bye American Republic, hello Banana Republic.

But as for the dog? She seems much better right this minute. She drags in the morning, but by mid-day perks up. There’s hope that she may still have a year or three of the good life. Or maybe even…greatness…


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  1. Yea for Cassie! Yea for the vet for Trinidad!
    And like you, I truly hope and pray that all the “smart” people don’t abandon the rest of us to this administration. Seriously, when will he be impeached?!?

    • Aaaagggghhhh! I meant to write “vet from Trinidad.” Getting used to the keyboard that came with the new computer. I may have to switch back to the old reliable one.

    • 😀 I think the vet may be “for” Trinidad, too.

      Did you get one of the MacBook Pro’s with the touchbar? You know, Apple agreed to replace the gawdawful keyboards on those things, free. I couldn’t type more than five words without a flurry of typos! If that’s your case, you might want to see if you still get them to fix it. Failing that…inexpensively I got ahold of a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard that really IS the business. Works on the wireless, so you don’ t have to plug it into anything.

      • No MacBook for me, I’m a PC woman. This new HP keyboard is 2 1/2 inches shorter than the old one, and of course, the keys are smaller. I’m hanging on to the old Dell keyboard if I need it.

      • @ catseye: SO! Then HP did the same number on its customers that Apple did on the MacFans: redesigned the keyboard and in the process made something practically unusable for people who know touch-typing. The only thing I can figure is tech types must ALL hunt & peck!

        Until Apple caved and fixed this thing, I was using an old plug-in Microsoft keyboard, which basically mooted the concept of “laptop.” A wireless number was better…but meant the computer had to be perched on a TV table next to the chair and the keyboard balanced on my lap. Annoying beyond words.

        Hope you get adjusted to the new shrunken keyboard. 😮

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