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Doggy Ups and Downs


Each day, Cassie has her ups and her downs. And it seems that each down gets deeper. She’s in a bad way every morning, but then seems to revive a bit around noon.

Today I noticed she wasn’t in her normal nest. Or anywhere else. Thinking I’d accidentally left her outside, I went running around calling her: no response. Finally I found her in the clothes closet, squirreled away in a corner.

This is not a good sign. In all the ten years this dog has lived here, she has never gone into that closet. Maybe once or twice to sniff at a shoe, but really: she doesn’t go in there.

The other not-good sign: she flat refused to eat this morning. I managed to coax a few bites down her by mixing some of the food with water to make a kind of soup. But she wouldn’t even take all of that. Either she’s having a difficult time swallowing or just doesn’t feel like being bothered. My money’s on the latter: my guess is she simply doesn’t want to eat any more.

If you’re going to let Nature take its course, you’ve gotta listen to Nature and understand what She’s telling you. Today She definitely was trying to say something…

The vet’s office called to say he wanted me to come pick up some Temaril tablets to try to deal with the refusal to eat issue. Why, I don’t know. Temaril is a cough suppressant. She’s stopped coughing, and he knows it.

I am now flat broke, budgetwise: $5 left to live on for the rest of the month. I transferred a hundred bucks over from emergency savings to get through the next week…hope I won’t have to spend much of it, but am basically out of food except for what’s in the freezer and what’s growing in the backyard.

At any rate, the UPs: Along about noon, the dog seems to revive. This is becoming a pattern. But every day, the morning “down” seems worse than the previous day’s. Really, today I thought she might not be alive by the time I got back from the vet’s — it’s an hour of driving, round trip. So I pull the car into the garage, climb out, and hear Cassie barking on the other side of the door!

She hasn’t barked in days.

Fling wide the gates…and lo! There’s Cassie standing there bright-eyed and wagging, looking normal as apple pie.


The garage door is open. Ruby is still in the car — I’d taken her with me because I thought there was such a high chance Cassie would pass while I was out fighting traffic, and frankly, I do not want Ruby to decide to eat the remains.

She is a dog, you know…

So Cassie walks outside, Ruby being locked in the vehicle and so unable to make her escape to Yuma. Cassie strolls around, sniffs, pees, acts pretty damn normal. I get the mail, we stroll back inside as though this were just another day in Paradise.

Right away, while she still is acting like she’s going to live, I mix up some more dog food swill, causing her to get about half the remainder of this morning’s dog food down, along with about a third to half a cup of water.

Vet called just a minute ago. I pointed out that Temaril was for a cough and she’s stopped coughing. He said it contains a steroid to reduce inflammation, and can sometimes make an ailing dog feel better. Before I left the Funny Farm, I’d given her one of the remaining half-tablets from the previous bottle. He says it can act pretty fast, and that might explain her apparent revival. He also speculated that she may just feel bad when she wakes from a night of snoozing and it could take several hours for her to begin to feel better.

I reminded him that she’s 12 years old. He said…yeah…but made no further comment on her superannuation. He did remark, though, that Corgis are unusually tenacious dogs, and so one shouldn’t give up on her too soon.


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