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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Dust in the Air, Dust in the Gears…

Peeked out the window at 5 this morning. The air was (and still is) so dirty it looks foggy out there. Ugh. Nice Valley fever weather.

Oh well. At this time of morning it’s cool enough to walk the dog, so we took a stroll through the rich folks’ neighborhood. And the pool water is perfect for a post-doggywalk dip.

The pool is sooooo much easier to take care of now that the devil-pod tree is gone! It’s practically trouble-free. Yesterday I had a new guy from a new company come over to clean out the filter, which he did quickly and for less than Leslie’s charges. The last CSR encounter with Leslie’s pretty much tore it for me. Went over to Angie’s List and started calling A-rated companies till I found one that considers a central Phoenix house to be in its “area.” Liked the guy: he was quiet and efficient. And now the pool is humming along merrily.

Meanwhile, my computer seems have gotten a little fog-making dust in its innards. Yesterday Word crashed (again). I think the Word for Mac on the desktop has corrupted. It’s emitting those “Word had to quit unexpectedly. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this has caused” messages. What this means is that you’ve lost everything since your last autosave, and possibly then some.

The other day when that happened, I rebooted and it started opening scores and scores of old files!

At first I thought, holy sh!t, no wonder it crashed if I had that many files sitting open! Because I do get in the habit, sometimes, of leaving way too many files open in various programs. But soon (as in instantly) it became apparent that no one could have that many files open at once.


Start over.

Does it again!


Start over.

Does it again!!!

So I just sat there and let it open and open and open…thought it was going to open all the files on the disk, which would be about 2700. But no, it finally stopped after 30 or 40.

So now I had to close each one manually. And no, they were definitely not things I’d been working on. Some dated back to 2008! Hadn’t been opened in years!

As nothing, though, compared to yesterday’s adventures. I’d been working on a client’s book; spent about three hours on the current chunk of copy the previous day and expected to finish  in about an hour and a half. It’s difficult, arcane, and tiring to read. Goin’ along fine for about a half-hour, and

“Word had to quit unexpectedly”


Reboot. Open the file.

Take a look… It has lost ALL of the work I’d done the day before!!!!!!!!!

WTF? How is that possible? I know I hit save before I went to bed, and besides, the thing is set to save every ten minutes. It should have saved almost all the edits I’d entered. Thrash around and thrash around: nope! No backups, no nothin’!

Weirdly, it had saved stuff I’d done near the end, in the past half-hour or so. But  none of the stuff I’d done the previous day!

So I was mightily screwed. I had to redo three hours of work before I could get on to the hour and a half worth that remained. Set the thing to autosave every three minutes. Typing and typing and wrestling and wrestling, and damned if it doesn’t crash AGAIN! This time it saved all but about two pages of edits. E-mailed it to myself and downloaded onto the laptop. Used the Macbook to finish editing the chapter. Took hours and hours and hours. All that work I’d done the day before was down the toilet, reducing my pay from $45/hour (academic rate) to about $22.50/hour.

More annoyingly, I’d planned to give myself a little break yesterday afternoon. In the Darwin Award department, I’ve hurt my back by sitting too long in front of the computer with my feet propped on the desk—gave myself a roaring case of sciatica. Just sitting in a desk chair hurts, and I’m so spavined I can barely limp to my favorite venue, the refrigerator.

Welp, I’d bought some nice fabric with which to  make some new drapes for the bedroom, and I figured, what with Charley staying at M’hijito’s house for the nonce, that I could spread the stuff out on the floor, trim it up, and get started on sewing the hems. Having to reach and stretch like that would surely loosen up the kinked muscles and pinched nerve.

That didn’t happen. It was after 5 p.m. before I finished. Then I had to race to wash up and get to class, skipping dinner to get there on time.

Today I have about three hours to do on another two chapters of this author’s work. It will have to be done on the laptop, obviously. While it’s possible that the Japanese characters in the copy are overtaxing Word, I kinda doubt it. I’m pretty sure the desktop’s program has corrupted. Oh well. At least I can sit on the sofa to work. If I can finish by noon, maybe I’ll still get a chance to make curtains.

And so, to work…

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