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Facebook: How’s Life without It?

Better, much better. No question: Life is better without Facebook.

Tuesday — day before yesterday — a ton of work got done in the absence of the FB distraction. Instead of getting sucked in at the crack of dawn, the dogs and I were out the door before 6 a.m. (And today, by 5 a.m.) Tuesday I finished chapter 20 of Ella’s Story and yesterday wrote chapter 21. Tuesday, too, provided time to drill holes in the ground around the paloverde tree and dose the monster tree-eating paloverde beetles’ grubs with insecticide.

Facebook pesters you with endless “notifications” of every hiccup emitted by any and all “friends.” These come in by email, which I was diverting into Apple Mail’s “Trash” so as to keep the flood of trivia from distracting from more important messages. In just a few days, well over 200 messages had accrued. These I deleted in mass today, since I surely didn’t have time to read them and, even if I did, FB won’t let me respond to them anyway. Fortunately, before the last one was disappeared I spotted the sub-microscopic “unsubscribe” link, which I hope will stem the flood.

Yet another report from Reuters describes Congress’s alarm at Facebook’s generous habits of sharing your personal data with whoever has a dime to pay — this time with a huge Chinese social media company, among others. “Chinese telecommunications companies,” the news agency observes, “have come under scrutiny from U.S. intelligence officials who argue they provide an opportunity for foreign espionage and threaten critical U.S. infrastructure…”

Ugh! Truly, I regret ever having signed up for the platform. What sleaze!

The issues are that Facebook invades its users’ privacy, shares personal data ad lib, exploits your curiosity and your desire to stay in touch with friends, and engages in practices antithetical to U.S. security — to say nothing of the individual user’s security. On a more local level: it expands to fill all corners in your life, occupying undue amounts of time.

To say life is better without it is to understate.

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