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FeedBurner in; Feedburner out

Very nice. I got FeedBurner ensconced on FaM, having discovered an error in the HTML snippet’s code and having persuaded a friendly IT guru to fix it, with sterling results.

Further observation, however, left the Beloved Proprietor of this website wondering. First, it became clear that the vaunted statistics we were to enjoy applied (duh!) only to those who elected to opt viewing the site in favor of having posts delivered to them by e-mail. Second, it quickly became clear that widespread complaints to the effect that stats were in error are probably correct.

Why, the Royal We asked Ourself, why are We doing this? The answer was simple: We don’t know. WordPress’s stats a) provide everything FaM needs to know and b) actually work, without requiring that one navigate to a different site. So, we decided to delete the Feedburner site, here and at The Copyeditor’s Desk.

The Copyeditor’s Desk, btw, now has its own domain name and concommitant URL:

Please feel free to subscribe to either or both(!), using your own choice of RSS feeds.

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  1. Sounds like you finally have things under control, good for you. Congrats also on setting up a website for the Copyeditor’s desk.

    I like the new layout … took me a minute to figure it out, but I like it.