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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Gestalt Morning…

Good GOD is this EVER going to stop??? It’s one of those mornings when a thousand little tasks come crashing down on you at once, and you can’t get one thing done before the next thrusts itself into your face. I’ve been binged at, bonged at, banged at, tweeted at, rung at, buzzed at, thumped at, yakked at, and barked at nonstop since the first goddamn robocall struck at 7:00 a.m.

Meanwhile, weirdly enough, I do have some things I need to do, but I can’t get at them for all the pesterments.

The dogs have not stopped  yapping since they rolled out of the sack this morning. I think it’s because the kids are all out of school, it being MLK Day, and they’re having a gay old time playing outdoors on this beautiful cool day. Cassie and Ruby would love to be out there chasing around with them, but about the best they can do is race around barking at the front door, barking at the back gate, barking at the side gate, barking at the east wall, barking at the west wall, barking at the south wall, barking…barking…barking…BARKING.

Everything I pick up to do gets interrupted by something else that has to be done right this minute.

The handyman was slated to come by at 9 a.m. to see if there was anything he can do about the plugged bathtub drain, a task the plumber shows no interest in doing. Handyman guessed that it was a BIG job, one that could entail pulling out the plastic tub surround. (These things were installed in the houses at the frame-out stage…to get one of them out through a bathroom door entails sawing them apart in the bathroom and taking them out in pieces. How you get a new one in escapes me…my guess is, you don’t.) After showing up an hour late with his brother in tow, he thought about it and then went off to think about it some more, saying he’ll be back tomorrow.

The pool guy is supposed to come by between 3 and 5. But before then, I need to get Harvey the Hayward Pool Cleaner over to Leslie’s to see if he’s jammed…because it dawned on me that the reason Harvey has stopped moving may not be the pump or the filter but Harvey himself. A fix at Leslie’s would be one hell of a lot cheaper than a fix and a filter cleaning trip by an expensive repairdude in a gas-guzzling service truck.

But the question is, WHEN can I get out of here?

An acquaintance was supposed to come by, also (conveniently while a repairman is underfoot) at 9 a.m. to drop off some books to donate to the church’s book sale. She called about 10:30 to say she’d be here in 45 minutes or so. Since she’s coming in from Sun City West, which is halfway to Los Angeles, that actually will be more like an hour, unless she’s in the habit of flying low.

So that puts the eefus on getting done with the SLEW of errands that need to be run between now and 3:00 p.m. In addition to the trip to Leslie’s, I need to make a Costco run and a Home Depot run. The Costco run can be (and probably should be) put off until tomorrow, but H.D., not so much.

Sat down to catch up with bidness and with the personal email. Every thirty seconds the damn dogs launched into another barkfest! Read half a sentence…bark bark bark bark bark bark BARK BARK BARK…try to figure out what the interlocuter wanted…bark bark bark bark bark bark YAP YAP YAP…go back and read it again and try to figure out what’s needed and bark YAP YAP bark bark BARKITY YAP bark…try to frame a response…type type BUZZZZZZZ dryer goes off…haul out blankets, move another load of laundry out of the washer into the dryer, put blanket back on bed YAP YAP YAP BARK BARK BARK BARK bark bark…start over with email, try to think through what to say…type BARK BARK briinnnggggggggg goddamn TELEPHONE…wait till the system hangs up the robocaller’s system…type type YAP YAP YAP BARK BARK BARK…ohhhhh crap! Give UP!

Pick up the litter and sort of clean the house before people show up here and see how I really live.  briinngggggggg goddamn TELEPHONE “Yes, I’m here, come on over whenever you can” BARK BARK BARK yap yap GROWWWWLLLLLLL bark bark BARK Swiffer up the dog hair off 1860 square feet of tile, something that should be done every single day but that in reality gets done about every second or third day. Throw ten days’ worth of microfiber dog-hair-swiffering rags into the wash… Ruminate on how pissed it makes me that some asshole robocalled me at 7 in the morning on a national holiday.

You know, I really need to dump Cox and get Ooma, a VoIP service that lets you use NoMoRobo. The latter is supposedly the most effective nuisance call blocker around.

But I hesitate. I can see that attaching Ooma is going to involve a) a learning curve and b) DIY technodiddling. The chance of my screwing it up is high. You have to wrest your phone number away from Cox, meaning that if I screw it up (as I will), un-screwing will present a major-major hassle.

It could be worth it, though.

Cox is charging a little over $14 a month for the phone plus another $13 a month for alleged “taxes.” Ooma calculates a total of $4.08 for taxes & fees in my zip code. Switching would mean a HUGE savings.

On the other hand, there are trade-offs.

First, obviously, you would not even have ONE phone in the house that operates when the power is off. Right now one of the eight extensions in fact is directly connected to the landline. And it does run when the power is turned off. Not well…well enough to call 911.

Second, you’d be dependent on an Internet connection. Cox’s Internet is not what you’d call “reliable.” And…lo! Here’s someone at the door…




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  1. Wow! Just reading about all that barking raised my blood pressure. Barking is one of the many reasons I prefer cats. ;o)
    I also have trouble taking care of bigger, more important stuff because the less-important-to-me things distract me and take up more time/energy than I thought they were going to when I decided to go ahead and take care of them so I could then concentrate on the important stuff. Arrrgggghhhh!
    Also, I got notice from a process server this past Saturday that this apartment building is in foreclosure. I was not a bit surprised. So now I’ve got to decide when to move out and how I’m going to pay for it. *sigh*

    • Oh f’cryin’outLOUD! You can’t win for losing.

      Have you called the local landlord/renter authorities? Most cities and a lot of counties have some sort of rules about how renters can be treated (and what shenanigans they can get up to). They may not be allowed to throw you out right this minute. Or they may at least have to return your deposit.

      • No, I haven’t called anyone yet. It’s my understanding that it will be several months before the tenants will be asked to move. The last time this happened, we were given 30 days to move after months of waiting for the other shoe to drop. That was a nightmare! I don’t intend to stay until the last minute this time. It helps that I’m out of school and working this time around, so I don’t have to stress about rejection because of my finances. I’d like to be out by June 1st, at the latest.
        I have to say that things are better around here. The laundry room’s been cleaned, the machines fixed AND there are some chairs to sit in. Also, the hallways are being cleaned again after being neglected for months at a stretch.
        The building is currently half full (like usual) and I was told by someone who should know that the bank wants tenants to stay because that makes the property more attractive to potential buyers. Makes sense to me.

      • Hmmmm… It could be that you’ll have enough time to find a decent place that you can afford. And it also sounds like you have a shot at finding less studenty digs, now that you’re employed.

        Banks don’t like to own property. They’ll be seeking a buyer at the earliest possible moment. Friend of mine finances developers who buy and tear down or refurbish (depending) properties like this. Even if a developer wants to renovate and upgrade, they’ll want the tenants to move so they don’t have the hassle of working around human beings…plus of course you wouldn’t want to be there with machinery banging, power and water off intermittently, parking lots torn up — that could be crazy-making.

  2. Be careful with Ooma; after some introductory period there is a $120 (or so) yearly fee, perhaps only if you have any of the “extra” services, like robocalling.