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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Happy Fourth of July!

Yesh…despite our country’s dire political straits and the question of whether we continue at all as a democratic republic or whether we turn into a Mussoliniesque dictatorship, we still are, après tout, America. For the time being. One thing you have to allow: with a pagliaccio tweeting away from the White House, the daily news is a hoot a minute.

In the meantime, life is quiet. For the time being.

The high point of the summer, casa mia, is a party at some friends’ home. This couple lives about halfway up a mid-town high-rise, in an apartment that overlooks the Phoenix Country Club and the Steele Indian Park and, beyond those local landmarks, commands a view of the entire southeast and northeast valley. The country club and the city park each host spectacular fireworks, and we’re practically on top of them. Last summer the country club’s display went on for a good 45 minutes, and then a few moments later the park’s began. Awesome!

Moved a journal article back to the client on the other side of the globe. In these parts, the academics are quiescent for the summer, so things are slow. We’re told to expect a large indexing project in August, and…you know what that means. Everything will come crashing in during that month.

The computer issue continues. A little web-cruising reveals that most — probably all — of the ongoing bugs in both computers are incident upon the ludicrously designed El Capitan operating system. Apparently Apple is infested with clowns these days, too. This morning I discovered it had disabled all the “rules” that I’d had to reinstate in Mail to derail spam, and so once again my in-box was full of junk. The fix was easy enough, but time-consuming and pointless. Why do I have to waste my time because Apple can’t get its act together?

The iMac is working more or less OK, but the MacBook Pro, which is the go-to computer because I can use it in a chair that doesn’t make my hip and back hurt, is a hopeless mess. It keeps dropping the wireless connection. Possibly the fix is to get a wireless booster…but the chances that buying one of those will be a waste of time and money are high: the thing never lost connectivity before. So the two other choices are to buy a comfortable chair and ottoman that can be installed in the office, or to buy a PC and hope it will run better.

The wireless is the least of the MacBook’s issues. Unpredictably, it freezes up, then crashes and reboots. Up flashes an insulting message: “You chose to close your computer…” No, I did not. Of course, it loses all the data you were working on at the time. So…not acceptable.

This also is a known issue with El Capitan.

What do you suppose they’re thinking at Apple, foisting a piece of junk like that on their customers?

Well, my coffee is getting cold and breakfast awaits, and so…away!

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