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Happy Hallowe’en(?)

halloween themeSomebody no doubt got grant money for this WTF research. It may even have been taxpayer-supported grant money. You, too, can be surprised and shocked that 30% of kids will kipe an extra piece of candy when left alone with a bowlful of temptations!

Actually, the surprise is that 70% will not.

The political preference angle is pretty entertaining, though: in an overall politically liberal neighborhood, more little kids will gravitate to a table offering free candy from the Democratic presidential candidate rather than from the Republican’s table. Oddly, the researchers seem not to have tried a similar “experiment” in a politically conservative neighborhood, so we may never know whether children are partisan or whether they just happen to like Barack Obama’s face better than they like John McCain’s. 🙄

Far more interesting, IMHO, is this op-ed rumination from The New York Post on how the over-parenting Grinch stole Hallowe’en.

Have you noticed how high the stress levels have become in our culture? People are afraid of everything! We’re scared of our food. We’re scared of our air. We’re scared of the weather. We’re scared of guns. We’re scared of burglars. We’re scared of the cops. We’re scared of terrorists. We’re scared of Big Brother. We’re scared of our cars. We’re scared of panhandlers. We’re scared of sugar. We’re scared of salt. We’re scared of laundry detergent. We’re scared of our schools. We’re scared of dogs. We’re scared of cats. We’re scared of strangers. We’re scared of our mother. We’re scared of our laminate flooring. God knows we’re scared of clowns!

The only thing we’re justifiably scared of is our choice of Presidential candidates. Which, I suppose, is the same as being scared of clowns.

Heh heh… I wonder how many trick-or-treaters will show up dressed as Hillary or Donald?

Hallowe’en is my favorite holiday. Because the ‘hood borders on several low-income neighborhoods infested with violence, prostitution, and drug houses, people who are unfortunate enough to have to bring up families there bundle their kids up and bring them over here, where it’s reasonably safe for them to walk from door to door after dark, and where it’s only moderately insane to knock on a stranger’s door.

The kids show up by the pickup truckload.

In response, here in the neighborhood a kind of informal block party has grown up. Everybody sets up a table and chairs (and scary decorations!) on their driveways, the easier to view the happenings and dispense candy to the hordes of cute little kids. A great deal of socializing goes on and the show proceeds.

The kids are adorable in their spectacular outfits. Because many of these parents can’t afford to buy an expensive costume, a lot of the children show up in wonderfully creative hand-made costumes. It’s really fun to see what they’ve come up with.

So this evening we’ll convene in my neighbor’s driveway. For the first time in years, I bought a giant load of Costco Hallowe’en candy. Last year we ran out of a stash of 150 pieces. So this year we’ll have 300 pieces.

It’ll be interesting to see how long that lasts.

Vector image by Aleksandrsb, DepositPhotos

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  1. Oh, I miss handing out Halloween candy, one of the drawbacks of apartment living. Have fun!