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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

“Have a Great Week”…gimme a break!

Our neighborhood group e-mails its current newsletter:

Sonoran Palmetto Neighborhood Assocation
Safety Alert

Please be careful and aware of your surroundings!

From a neighbor: 200 block of West Shady Way. Our friend’s mom, was the victim of an armed robbery outside of our house this evening.  At 5:55 PM, she was getting some things out of her car in front of our house and a guy walked up with a shotgun and told her to give him her purse.  She held on to it, but he pulled hard.  He also grabbed her keys from her hand.  A white 4-door sedan had dropped the guy off, pulled up to the front of her car, and then he jumped in and they sped away.  I saw the guy approach her with the shotgun and ran to the front door in time to see him jump in the car (AZDL BAA6440).  She is shaken but okay.  Police reports were taken, credit cards canceled, etc.  Chances of them hitting this neighborhood again are slim, but thought you all should know.

From a neighbor: Our Jetta was ransacked last night 8/28/2013. Several items stolen from inside vehicle  and trunk. We are at 5xx W. Go Ask Alice Avenue.

From a neighbor: I want to let you know to let others know that we were burglarized on Monday afternoon. Corner of 17th Dr. and Feeder St. Broke in window and grabbed cash and things to hock. My husband saw him running down our alley after he got startled by him coming home and jumped out of our bedroom window. He was Caucasian, dark, long sideburns, blue flannel shirt. He jumped into a 4 door gold Mitsubishi sedan with a Mexican male driving it. Police have info.We will be buying security screens now.

Thursday, October 3, 2013
10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Here’s an opportunity for you to have a dialogue with Advisory Council members, invited legislators, local officials and have your input shared with state agencies for planning purposes.
Beth El Congregation
1118 West Glendale Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85021
Questions? Call 602-542-4710 or
e-mail us at: .

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this alert.

Please keep your eyes open for similar situations and call
Crimestop at 602-262-6151

Have a great week!

{snark!} “Have a great week.” Indeed.

Honest to God. This kind of stuff invariably gives me a gigantic jerk in the direction of selling my home and moving somewhere else.

I like living in the central part of the city and I love my house, but sometimes I feel like fleeing to North Scottsdale, far away from the slumlords’ properties that infest the mid-town area (this scene took place about two miles from here; I could walk or bicycle there if I felt like toting my Ruger that far). As long as the city allows the blight along I-17 to fester, the middle-class neighborhoods that house the city’s main tax base are endlessly put at risk.

The family whose mom encountered the armed purse-snatcher probably lives in a house with a carport. Homes in that neighborhood were built in the 1950s and early 60s, when the North Central area was pretty much out in the country, and overall crime was not much of a problem here. Most houses had carports in those days — no one felt a need to lock up their car behind a garage door.

Also, absent an HOA, quite a few naïfs jam their garages with junk and then park the rolling stock on the driveway or even on the yard. Then they’re surprised when their cars are broken into or stolen, and when someone accosts them as they’re hauling the groceries in the front door.

There aren’t many gated communities in this part of town. Those that exist are mostly apartment complexes, or small housing developments way outside my price range. I’m not interested in living in an apartment, and I don’t much care for gated communities, either. Anyone can jump a six-foot wall or simply meander in behind one of the residents; and I can’t think of anything less inviting to one’s friends than to make them punch in a secret code to get to your front door.

Really, all the housing east of 15th Avenue and west of 7th Street between Bethany Home (about as far south as one would like to go, until one gets into the downtown historic neighborhoods) and Dunlap (the northern border of North Central) is astronomically priced. Because my neighborhood is just on the fringe of that district, property values here are slightly lower. If I sold and got full price, I probably could afford to buy something in some treeless tract halfway to Yuma, under the F-35 flight path. Ugh.

Maybe what I need to do is unsubscribe to the neighborhood association’s newsletter. What you don’t know can’t hurt you, eh?

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  1. RE: junk-jammed garages: this particular modern behavior just floors me. I cannot understand why we have these purpose-built structures, taking up huge amounts of real estate, for securely storing our expensive vehicles. We then jam them full of junk worth a fraction of what even a modest vehicle is worth. This forces us to park our vehicles on a driveway or, even worse, clutter up the streets. Then any entattooed chav with a piece of metal has at, and we all pay the price of higher insurance.

    Nothing represents our benighted culture better. When I was a lad, my father carefully parked the (one) family vehicle in a small single detached garage every night. Everyone did. The side streets were left empty, for kids to bike safely on, pick-up hockey games to be played on, and traffic to proceed safely down. Now, even in wealthy neighborhoods, it takes wizardly manoevering to miss the endless rows of parked cars, and you can’t tell the abandoned hulks (many, even in the ritzies) from cars used daily. Kids, being kids, scoot out from between the parked vehicles and end up in the evening news.

    I park both of my vehicles in the garage, even between trips during the day. Vandalism to date: zero.

    Ouch! Nerve soundly hit, madam!

  2. I live in neighborhood recently ranked as the second safest in Chicago, and these same types of crimes still happen here. Be alert, be vigilant, make nice with your neighbors so they look out for you, but don’t move.

    The whole “garage is stuffed full so no room for the car” scenario plays out here, too. When I first moved into my house I was talking with one of my new neighbors and she warned me that in winter people could get nasty about street parking. [Here in Chicago, there is a “tradition” of marking a space you shoveled out for your car so people don’t park there. It’s not legal to do this, but violating it will bring down wrath on you and may result in having your car keyed, window smashed, etc.] I told her that I didn’t see why I’d need to ever park in the street since I had a two-car garage and only one car.

    Many people on my street have their garages stuffed full of crap, leaving them no room to park. Others may have more cars than their garage will hold because every licensed driver in the house has their own vehicle, or because they have a special vehicle they want to keep in the garage. Considering that we live in a city with public transit galore and a dedicated bike lane at the end of the block, I would think more people would get rid of the gas guzzler and take the bus or train. I guess I’m alone in that thinking.

  3. (1) a neighborhood newsletter? Ha! Delete that crap immediately. It’s only filled with police reports, what the bad kiddies are up to these days, and the ‘right’ way to maintain your landscaping right? Screw it! It’ll only drive you crazy and make you hate your neighbors.

    (2) I think way more car thefts happen than people think. Don’t keep junk in your car, lock your doors, use your driveway, have a motion light outside, lock your doors. You’ll be fine.

    (3) Have a nice week.

    • heeeeeee! TB, we need to hire you out to advise dumb homeowners! This could be a new career for you.

      Did I ever tell you about the time my beloved neighbor, Roy, who made his living working as a man for all seasons for a guy who was so stupefyingly rich that none of our little minds could take in monetary figures that enormous (the boss had to be among the .01%), climbed into his car, turned on the ignition, and thought “DAMN! I FORGOT MY COFFEE!”

      Well. It’s a long drive from our part of town to Richistan, and a man needs his coffee to survive the commute.

      So he leapt out of the car, raced into the house, poured a mugful out of the Mr. Coffee that had already prepared a fine pot of rotgut, and raced back out…to find the car…


      Yes. In the 60 seconds or so that it took him to go into the house, pour a cup of coffee, and come back out, an observant sh!thead noticed that he’d left the key in the car and drove off with the thing!

      ha ha hahhh! One nice part of living in the central city is the great stories you get to tell! 😀

  4. It’s everywhere. Plain and simple.

    This may not be your particular issue. but I can tell you living on the fringe is rough because criminals KNOW that local police forces cannot dedicate enough resources to cover that area and the rest of their jurisdiction all the time.

    • Actually, we’ve been pretty fortunate in police department coverage. In Phoenix, the police have historically tended to do an especially good job in covering the neighborhoods where the money is (read “where the political clout is”), and the area starting a block to the east of my street is affluent, indeed.

      Also, to be more fair, the police dept has worked hard at improving response times and working with citizens to fight crime. Our crime rates have dropped significantly, and police response times have (at the same time, IMHO) improved significantly. I personally can’t complain about police, fire, and EMT services here.

  5. Crime deserves punishment.
    Me and the Mrs. live 60 miles from no where and 6 feet from hell.

    If someone breaches my fence they will get shot. Period.
    I ask no questions.

    By the time the sheriff shows up the body is buried I ‘ll say I scarred him off him and he ran out into the desert.

    Never tell the police you shot some one and wash your hands or better yet take a shower to get all that gun -powder residue off your body.

    I just hate living in a high crime area where the police response time is 10 minutes .
    That is a lifetime if you a hiding under a bed holding your breath.