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How to Get a Loan without a Credit Check

Nearly every standardized loan from a bank has attached to it the phrase that we all dread: the credit check. Perhaps what has you worried is the possibility that your potential lender may notice a late payment you made a few years ago, bringing down the chance of getting a loan. Credit checks themselves can even turn up on your future credit reports, hurting your chances of securing a line of credit once again in the future. Other people simply can’t take the time to go through the credit check process that is indeed time consuming, because they need money urgently.

Whatever the issue is, you can get a loan right now despite having some or all of these worries, and here’s how:

Know your circumstances

First things first, you must understand your financial standing through and through. The financial conduct authorities do claim that lenders are obligated to do all they can to ensure that a loan will at the least not worsen the financial standing of a client. However, instead of an official credit check, some lenders decide to take a lighter approach by simply trying to understand where you are financially in a general sense, not putting much emphasis on the specifics. So your priority should then be on knowing your own history, and being able to explain all of the details of it it to your lender with confidence. This will give you a fighting chance at convincing your lender that you are suitable to take on further debt.

Some lenders focus on people that have bad credit. You can obtain a bad credit loan with no credit check but the loan amount is usually small. These small loans a generally short term and are good for emergency situations rather than a major purchase.

Avoid extended waits

It’s no secret that a credit check is a time consuming hassle. Depending on what information is gathered, this time can range between a few hours to a few days. When time is something you are short of, serious delays like this can make the entire process not even worth the money or effort. So if you do have a way of showing a lender just how urgent the situation is, use it. Many short-term and long-term lenders do tend to wave the thorough credit check for some clients if they can show evidence of urgency.

Avoid the record of a credit check

One of the universally most frustrating things about applying for loans is the fact that credit checks may worsen your credit score. A mark is left on your score each time you do have a check, and lenders can see this. If done too often, lenders will believe that there may be issues in your financial history, in effect lowering your score. Thus, it pays to find a lender that won’t conduct an official credit check for these purposes. Many do understand how some people simply cannot afford to have their credit score fall anymore.

Keep a credit file

Credit reports are an essential way to keep your financial life in check. Lenders, landlords and even employers will want to see your score at times to assess your background. When seeking a credit check free loan, you should at the least come equipped with your own credit file. This will demonstrate professionalism and competency.

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