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How’s That Countertop Oven Workin’?

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope yours is going well.

Mine turned into an entertaining voyage of discovery. You’ll recall that after my oven crapped out expensively for the third time, I decided to shut it down and use a countertop oven instead.

This has worked fine, because as a practical matter I don’t use an oven much. The last time I broke the Kenmore, it was by daring to turn on the broiler to toast a couple pieces of bread. So, yeah: a toaster oven fills the bill for my purposes.

However…ah, how quickly we forget that we live in the New Third World

When we were invited to bring something to this year’s Thanksgiving friends-&-family shindig, I instantly blurted out that I would make cornbread. Well…’twasn’t till about six o’clock last night that I remembered: I don’t have an oven!

Heh heh heh… Charming!

At first I thought I’d ask my neighbor if I could stick a pan in her oven for the 25 minutes it takes to bake a pan of the stuff. Then thought…waitaminit! That thing in the garage is not just any old toaster oven. That thing was billed as the next best thing to God’s Own Oven. It has a convection function, and supposedly you can bake or broil just about anything that will fit into it.

So this morning I tried it on the cornbread, following the recipe’s instructions. It seems to have worked OK, after a fashion. Looks like the contraption runs pretty hot, though. After 22 minutes in there, the pan of cornbread wasn’t golden: it was toasty.

But it seems to have cooked all the way through.


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  1. Happy Thanksgiving day, And your cornbread looking delicious to me now I am thinking to pick my rusted oven from the garage and give it a try to bake something.

    • It did work, and the cornbread was approved by the collected diners. I think the next time I’d set it at 400 or 415 degrees — it probably runs a little hotter than a full-sized oven.

  2. How great is it when a plan comes together? Glad the oven worked well. What ever happened to the composter? Enquiring minds would like to know if this was a worthy investment….

    • The composter works well. Right now it contains a mound of compost that, if I were not too lazy to breathe, I would apply to the plants.

  3. I’m glad you had a nice turkey day. I didn’t have to drive or cook, just clean my place and host some friends. The restaurant where I work gave me a smoked turkey, I made a pitcher of tea, and friends supplied the rest of the meal. I hope my friends enjoyed yesterday as much as I did.