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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

It keeps getting better…

In the moron department, where we visited the day before yesterday… I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to do next when my son e-mails and says $9,000 suddenly showed up in his savings account.

The beleaguered teller, one of the stars of our late, great blog post, had deposited the money needed to pay off the car loan into my son’s savings account.

Holy sh!t.

So I say, can you just transfer it over to my checking, since if I can see yours you must be able to see mine.

He now freaks out and says I should not be able to see his checking account, and he cannot see mine, either. Well…of course not: those two shared accounts (savings/checking) were set up so I could transfer money for my share of the mortgage payments on the house we copurchased lo! these many years ago.


However, when I get online I realize I can see my checking account while also seeing the two shared accounts. So, holding my breath, I press the endless buttons needed to move the money out of shared savings and into MY savings account.

Miraculously, it worked.

Also in the moron department, that orange-haired buffoon in the White House played to the mob some more by pardoning the sleazy former Maricopa County sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Big Orange must regard Joe as a kind of mentor: no one can play to the mob better than Arpaio.

LOL! It’s like taking lessons from Darth Vader.


Gerardo and his two underlings came over to remove the corrugated plastic covering over the latticework patio roof, so the painter can deal with the wood up there. The plastic has leaked for the past couple of years, and the cedar beams and lattice are stained.

They did get the corrugated sheets off. But they did not take off the plastic guides that help secure the things in place. Well…they did and they didn’t. They broke a bunch of them and left pieces hanging, leaving it to me to climb up and yank or cut the stuff off. But most of it they left attached.

I was able to get the busted-up pieces down, but exactly how we’re going to get rid of the strips that remain in place…escapes me.

My original idea was to go buy more pieces of plastic and have the guys bolt them back down. But now that I look at it, I think it may be better — certainly cheaper and easier — just to leave the thing uncovered. It’ll mean I’ll have to get the painter to come back every couple years and reseal the wood…but when seen from the street, that plastic stuff looks mighty white-trash.

I put it in there when I moved here because the rising sun would blast the inside of the house through the east-facing slider in the family room. If I hadn’t come up with something fast, it was going to ruin the furniture and books. And of course, having a semi-solid roof there allowed a little light in did keep the patio furniture dry.

But…the potted ficus that came over here with me from the other house has, after 13 years under that softened sunlight, grown. A lot. If I were to move that plant over to the other side of the patio, so it stands right outside the window, it would block the early morning light. It would be happier there, too: better protected from frost and the searing summer sun. Plus there’s a dripper hose in that corner that could be modified to get water on that pot: one fewer plant to have to water every day in the summertime.

Anyway, so those plastic strips are still up there. When I called Gerardo last night, he said he’d come over around 7 this morning to take them off. But he hasn’t shown up.

The painter will not be pleased.

However, unlike the plastic sheets, those things apparently are not bolted on. I think they’re just tacked on there, and so it ought to be possible to remove them by tapping them from below with a hammer and a crowbar or dowel. Tried that this a.m., but it will take more physical strength than I have — and besides, by the time I got to that point, it was too bloody hot out there to fool with any such project.

I hate to get rid of the covering, because it does keep the furniture dry. On the other hand, the only things that really needs to be kept dry are the seat cushions, which could easily be stashed in the garage whenever rain threatens. Everything else out there can stand to get wet.

On the other other hand, that will mean a heavy rain will pour directly off the roof onto the patio, which already floods in a good monsoon. Despite a French well on the far side of the patio…a lot of water could back up on that slab. Hm. Removing that plastic is going to change the drainage pattern…maybe not for the better.

Well. There’s no hurry: I suppose we can just wait and see what happens come the next rainstorm. If it makes a mess, then we can rebuild the plastic covering. If not: money saved, hassle saved.

I guess.

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  1. Well, thank goodness they didn’t deposit the money into a stranger’s account!?! Glad the problem was solved so easily.
    Every time you write about house and yard repairs or taking care of the pool, I’m just so grateful I’m not a homeowner. Just not my thing. ;o)

    • LOL! There certainly is something to that!!

      On the other hand, when I go to bed I’m not serenaded with a chorus of car locks beeping and honking as their owners aim remote devices at them; I never have to listen to some turkey’s boom box thumping away outside my bedroom window; I do not enjoy the sound of my upstairs neighbor widdling in the toilet (and of his toilet flushing, should he remember to make that happen) or of his wife opening and closing the bureau drawers in the bedroom. My utility bill to cool 1860 square feet is about $150, as opposed to about $300 to cool maybe 800 s.f. And when I get into the pool, I know who’s been in it and what they’ve been doing in it. 😉

      Apartment living has its appeals…but they’ve worn thin in my parts.

  2. MAN….Funny….That’s a bit scary…$9k here…$9K there. Pretty soon you’re talkin’ “serious money”. And the car loan didn’t get paid off. Sorry, I’d have to have someone’s “head on a stick”…. Just unacceptable…IMHO.

    • The car loan won’t get paid off until I get another $8500 from Fidelity: the total is over 17 grand.

      I can’t go for another 4+ years running at a deficit in my personal finances, especially since it’s almost a given that the market will not stay up that long. So I figure I’d better pay off the loan while the funds are still there, rather than waiting, watching the market crash (again!), and being saddled with a loan that I then absolutely will be unable to pay.

      At least, as Catseye points out, the kid didn’t deposit 9 grand in Joe Doaks’s account! 😀