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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Links 4 next week

Busy week; long week. Just finished a new client’s paper. Needed to do a decent job on it because it may mean a foot in the door to a scholarly journal that could provide all The Copyeditor’s Desk needs to make its monthly revenue goals from now unto perpetuity. That would be good. Very good.

In the life is strange department, consider this amazing and spectacular record of the life of the cicada. Astonishing.

Humans, however, are no less astonishing. As creatures go, we also are capable of doing some bizarrely wonderful things.

And speaking of our constructs, here’s a question: Is the Internet destroying Middle America?  Freaking terrifying. And the guy is right.

Drifting further in the direction of personal finance, have you got old folks? Or maybe you’re an old folk, yourself. If so, better download this eye-opening report on the widespread inappropriate use of a seemingly endless number of medications for older adults. Some of these are prescription drugs, recommended by doctors who should know better but apparently don’t, and some are readily available over the counter.

And “widespread” is le mot juste. As far back as 2008, half of all Americans reported that they’re on medications, and nine in ten (!) older Americans were taking prescription medications. Three-quarters of senior citizens were taking at least two drugs, and 37 percent were taking at least five. Big pharma: a parasite on American life.

Elsewhere, on Mother’s Day Donna Freedman posted a heartfelt story about her mother, her childhood, and the memories that haunt her to this day. Awesome piece of writing.

Frugal Scholar and Miss Em hit the mother lode of recycled Eileen Fisher duds in a Goodwill across the street from a fancy country club.  But many of these clothes are made in China, where workers are exploited and suffer unacceptable health and safety risks. She has recourse to Milton in considering the ethics of buying clothing manufactured in Asia, even second-hand.

At Budgeting in the Fun Stuff, Crystal & Mr. BFS are saving a bundle on a bargain cruise. Good thing, because their plan to landscape the new yard gave them an attack of sticker shock.

Mrs. Money Beagle has a new enterprise, Moonshyne Designs, which she’s put up on Etsy! Check out the cool digital designs for cards, announcements, and wall art.

Planting Our Pennies has been with us for a whole year! These days, they’re contemplating ways to bicycle to work, with panache.

Evan over at My Journey to Millions is irked at the flap over Apple’s having used lawful strategies to avoid substantial quantities of taxes.

You thought Arizona, being an arid desert, didn’t have mosquitoes? Mwa ha ha! Check out Abigail’s battle of the bugs, at I Pick Up Pennies.

At NZ Muse, the newlyweds are in Bangkok! Drama never fails to follow bloggers wherever they go — wouldn’t you know it!

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  1. Thanks for the mention.

    I love all the success you are having with the copywriter’s desk!

  2. My company (and thus my job, and that of 20 other people) wouldn’t exist without the Internet.

    The Internet didn’t kill Kodak – Kodak failed to survive because they didn’t see the writing on the wall – they should have changed their product strategy in order to stay successful.

  3. Thank you kindly! Best of luck with that project – may it lead to much more.

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