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Major Project DONE!

At last! The writing book — The Complete Writer — is done, indeed. It’s a MAJOR major project: 433 pages with the index and the back matter in place. I’m very pleased…it has been a huge job, made all the more huge by my having screwed up the page count twice, leading to not one, not two, but three total rewrites of the endless index.

An index is mind-numbing enough to compile without having to do it three times. That’s for damn sure…

Still have to do a wrap-around cover for the print version. I do have one for the e-book incarnation, but have heard nothing from the e-book formatter so don’t know where or if that thing is.

Trudging through that accursed index for the third time (eight single-spaced, double-column pages set in 10-point type…phbhphtbt!), it crossed my mind that the thing has its uses: an index points to a book’s topics in a more succinct and telling way than any table of contents does. Index topics are sharply focused, unfanciful, and succinct.

The marketing strategy for The Complete Writer involves a lot of public speaking: before groups, clubs, classes, whatever I can get. That, o’course, is going to entail coming up with things to speak about. Well…where do I have an eight-page list (two columns, 10-point Alegreya)? Mwa ha ha! Scan your eye down the index of a book on any subject you know well, and lo! You see a gold mine of subjects you can turn into dog-and-pony shows.

writing-scamsMatter of fact, I have to give a presentation on Thursday. Believe its subject will be “Scams for Writers…and How to Avoid Them.” The index points to everything I need to address, and it also refers me to web pages where I can download some handouts.

Hot diggety.

Donna Freedman is in town. It was good to see her yesterday…we had lunch at a favorite hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint and then killed an inordinate amount of time chatting. That was fun! 🙂

She’s looking to market her blog writing course and also has been hustling up a lot of writing assignments. I’m reminded of how lucky I was to have a working husband when I was covering the earth with copy as a freelance writer. Keeping the pump primed takes an enormous amount of work, and you dare not pause. The minute you quit drumming up work, the pipeline runs dry.

Today is gray and damp and vaguely chilly. I’ve spent half the day wrestling the last of the index into place and another several hours scrubbing up and battling dog hair. The dogs and I are now ensconced with an electrically heated throw atop the bed, there to loaf the rest of the day away.

And so it goes.

Happy New Year to you!

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  1. Happy New Year to you, too! And hooray for finding the silver lining in the whole indexing boondoggle. Isn’t it nice when something, any little thing, falls sweetly into place?

  2. Happy New Year to you and all the rest of your faithful readers!