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If you’ve never heard the astonishing classical violin virtuosa Midori, take the first opportunity you find to go to one of her concerts.

The Phoenix Chamber Music Society brought her here last week. This, hot on the heels of Chanticleer, one of the most gorgeous a capella groups ever, the first fully sold-out concert the society had enjoyed in a while. Midori’s concert was also sold out, and for good reason.

My companion in spending-on-concerts crime, being a tax accountant, was reduced to having to work that night (or at least to subside into comatose stupor for a few hours). So she offered up her ticket, and I invited a friend from choir. She decided to fix us a lovely dinner of chicken and dumplings beforehand (!! haven’t had that since my mother made it) at her great old North Central home, and then it was off to the shindig.

Midori. My god. It was the single most astonishing performance I’ve ever heard, and I’ve been in concert halls around the globe. She played, solo, for a good two hours, an all Bach program. Many of the pieces were extremely challenging. By the end of the evening she seemed no less vigorous, no less inspired than she was when she started. Her playing: spectacular. The music: awe-inspiring.

Put it on your bucket list: a concert by Midori.

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  1. We heard Midori a few years ago at Tanglewood. During the intermission, she signed autographs/posed for pictures with what looked like hundreds of mostly young fans. Impressive all around.