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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Miracle cure…or something…

Well, I don’t know what worked — the leftover codeine or that reliable old standby, tincture of time — but the Cold from Hell is slowing arriving at the almost tolerable stage. Still barking, but not suffocating anyhow. I managed to drive to choir last night, having swallowed half a dose of the menacing opiate when dawn cracked, a good 12 hours before choir call. So felt it was safe enough to drive by then.

And amazingly I also managed to sneak through two hours of rehearsal without causing a scene that was too operatic. Easter, our religion’s seriously hyuge spiritual frenzy, is fast coming upon us, and some of the music is beyond amazing.

We’re singing Mealor’s Stabat Mater, which defies belief in the “Gorgeous” category.

Last night we also rehearsed Stopford’s Ave Verum, one of my favorites…

And Alan Hovhaness’s “Out of the Depths”…

And K. Lee Scott’s “Open My Eyes”… In English,  it’s true, but this Korean choir does better justice to the piece than the only other rendition I could find on YouTube:

And Pablo Casal’s O Vos Omnes

 Can you believe we got through all that (and three hymns) in two hours?

No wonder I didn’t feel like driving to Scottsdale at 6:30 this morning. How much longer that networking group is going to put up with my absences, I do not know. Claro que I’ll have to show up  next week if I don’t want to be drummed out of the club!

Meanwhile, one of the things I need to do between now and next Thursday is rejoin a Toastmaster’s group, since speaking gigs will be central to the marketing scheme for the new magnum opus. It’s ready to go to print — I’ve just been too overworked and then too damn sick to do battle with the PoD guy’s software. And I believe the eBook dude is about ready with the Kindle and ePub versions. I intend to sell those off my website, since I’m mightily fed up with dealing through Amazon — and since Amazon sales are beside the point with this book.

And mean-meanwhile: a colleague’s book awaits my editorial attention. And so, away.

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