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This is the worst cold I’ve had in years. Picked it up at Costco — must have rubbed my face or eyes or something after touching a cart handle or product that was smeared by another sufferer. Y’know, you try to train yourself to keep your hands away from your face…but it never does any good. 😀

At any rate, I’ve been out of it for several days and still am nonfunctional. Last night I had a temp of 101, and since my normal temp is only about 98.2, that’s pretty high. And miserable.

Thank God I got out of the jury duty gig! That would’ve been beyond horrible.

Obviously I’m not going to choir rehearsal tonight. I probably won’t be able to sing on Sunday, anyway. And I’m not going to the weekly business group’s meeting on Thursday. Or, probably, to the lecture I’d planned to attend with some friends. Dayum!

I apparently have some kind of hypersensitivity to rhinoviruses. They can make me radically sick…which is what’s happening now. This isn’t the worst head-and-chest virus I’ve ever had, but it’s close. What will happen next, we know from experience, is two to three weeks of spasmodic coughing, sometimes so extreme I can’t breathe at all. That is the worst part of these things, which overall are pretty obnoxious.

And that’s why I hate it when people go out in public when they’re sick. Please stay home if you have a cold or the flu. Some people get a whole lot sicker than others do.

Haven’t been able to eat in two days. A piece of bread hurts too much going down. And there really isn’t much in the house to eat. I did get some ice cream while I was performing yesterday’s can’t-get-out-of-it errands (“stay home,” says she, after spreading her germs all over Sprouts).  That with some nuts over it is about all I’ve been able to get down. This morning I ate a banana, though: yuck! Everything is tasteless. A tasteless banana is…uch.

And so…back to bed!

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  1. My wife had a cold that was probably the worst I’ve ever seen her have in the 10 years we’ve been married. It seems to be going around here. I also work for a health care system and we’ve seen much higher number of colds and flus this year. Even though we’re in different parts of the country, I know stuff like this often not localized.

    In any case, hope you feel better soon. Go get away from the computer screen for awhile and get some rest.

    • Right: with airplane travel so easy and so widespread, any bug that pops up gets transported around the country — and around the world — very fast. I’d heard this bug was tromping around, but thought I’d managed to avoid it. WRONG! 😀

  2. Oh, wow! That does sound bad. Please take care of yourself and maybe you should see a doctor, because it sounds like it’s something more than a cold. Then again, I haven’t had a cold in about six years, so I don’t remember how severe they can get. ;o)

  3. Oh, ick! I hate feeling sick. My go-to for colds with a sore throat is chicken soup or broth – something about the warm saltiness is very soothing. If I lived close enough, I’d make you some!

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Probably flu if you had a fever … I’ve had something like this for 2.5 weeks and just today have mostly gotten past a really awful cough. No real point in going to the doctor, unless to get “real” cough medicine.

    • Yeah, that’s about what I’m thinking…hold the doc. On the other hand, the coughing spells occasionally result in light-headedness…but maybe that’s just because you can’t get enough air when you’re horking up your guts.

      A cough like this always takes about three weeks to go away, in my neurotic case.

      On the bright side, though, it looks like the temp is completely back to normal as of noon today. So either I’m already dead and the corpse is cooling, or I’m gonna survive.