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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

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Well, somehow I dorked this post up, so I’m taking the path of least resistance: deleting the original and reposting. If you read the first part of it yesterday, scroll down a ways for updates on Tuesday’s carnivals.

The 177th Carnival of Personal Financehas gone live at The Sun’s Financial Diary. Funny’s list of 15 sources of aid to stressed consumers appears in this week’s compendium, as does Tina’s rumination onfreelance editing in a wild economy, posted at The Copyeditor’s Desk. With the threat of layoffs at GDU still hanging over us like Damocles’ Sword (we’re now told we will hear how thenext$30 million budget cut will affect employees after the early December board of regents’ meeting), several articles are especially apposite. Money and Such proprietor Shadox explains whyit’s not such a bad idea to leave a jobthat doesn’t fit—economy or no economy. Kyle at Amateur Asset Allocator hasalready gotten the ax, but he doesn’t seem too worried thanks to some other income streams he’s developed; meanwhile, Randall at Credit Withdrawal is so nervoushe worries that his employer will can him for taking a sick day. FIB equates financial independence with frugal living and offersten ways to attain financial independence…other than winning the lottery, and Passive Family Income lists15 ways to save on utility bills.That One Caveman decides thatnet worth doesn’t matterso much as he previously thought. The Dividend Guy talks about hisstrategy for investing,to generally upbeat and encouraging effect. Those of us anticipating unemployment can take comfort from Cap’sten simple (and inexpensive) waysto feel rich at

At A Bit of Flour, the newMake It from Scratch Carnivalis up. Funny’s recipe for albondigas soup appears among half-a-dozen peers. Wow! Check out Mama Bear’s beautifulMy Mom’s Sour Cream Coffee Cake, posted at I’ve Got a Little Space to Fill…scrumptious! I’m absolutely going to try making that. Mary’s post of creatinggifts of foodappears at Simply Forties, reminding me of the days when I did that every Christmas—several good ideas here. Among the craftsy story, check out Stephanie’ssimple fleece scarfat Make It from Scratch. And here’s my kinda craft: Money Blue Book explainshow to build a CD ladder. And Kelly’stop 100 foodie blogsat Culinary School Guide is a cool resource.

Speaking of Mary, she hosts this week’sCarnival of Money Storiesat Simply Forties, regaling us with a great Election Day theme. Silicon Valley Blogger’s interesting rumination, at The Digerati Life, aboutForeclosure Alleyappears in this round-up. Here’s a great story aboutlearning entrepreneurship skills from the kidsat My Family’s Money. As you’re headed for the voting booth, consider Jim’s assertion in OPECDespises You, So Stop Using So Much Oil. I grew up in the Middle East, and I can assure you: the man is dead right.

The 114th Festival of Frugality has arrived at Bargain Briana. Check out J. Money’s rant-&-advice on mail-in rebates at Budgets Are Sexy. I no longer buy items that are marketed with a “rebate” come-on — half the time, the refund never comes, and besides, if the company can afford to sell an item for a few bucks off, they can afford to sell it to you off the shelf at a better price, rather than racking UP the price by hiring a bunch of call center reps and incurring printing and mailing costs. My own time and annoyance factor are generally worth more than the so-called “rebate.” At Prime Time Money, PT has a lead to a site that lists Black Friday (day after Thanksgiving shopping frenzy) sales. And in the list department, here’s a very nice and thoughtful list from Domestic Cents on ways to spend less and have more fun.

Ah, yes. Today’s the day. Soon we will know the next President of the United States. Whatever your sentiments, pray for the best and


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  1. Thanks for the double mention! I love the way you do your round-up posts by commenting on other articles from the carnivals in which you participate and am going to adopt it.