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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Money Happens!

 SDXB used to say, when I was having an attack of Bag Lady Syndrome, “money happens.” And so it has come to pass…

Unlocked the Fort Knox mailbox this morning to discover a notice from the community college district saying a check they’d sent last year had never been cashed. Would I please sign and return the enclosed form, so they can send me a new one?

It’s $568 and change!

Well, the Mayo has been sending me bills for some $650. Medicare and Medigap so far have remitted only about $340, and it’s been long enough that by now if they were going to pay up, they should have. But you never know…

With Medicare & Medigap reimbursements, you really do never know: I have no idea how much they’re going to pay (most of it, I gather from the mountains of paper they’ve sent, but it’s incomprehensible, so who knows?), no idea how much the Mayo will stand down from, and no idea when any further payments are going to show up.

So I figure what I’ll do is pay the Mayo the amount that has arrived so far, put $310 from the “found money” aside for future reference, and keep the remaining $260 to cover my own bills.

This is good, very good. It’ll pay the $175 for the art class, and then some!

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  1. Congrats on what I call SURPRISE! money. I sometimes get a grant check from the tech college I attend and I love when that happens. The last time it happened in March, it arrived just when I needed it.

    • It’s amazing how often money happens. One would think materialization out of thin air would be impossible…but maybe quantum physic applies to currency. The universe is, after all, at base weird.