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Monsoon, Where’s Thy Sting?

Lordie! When the dogs and I staggered out onto the back porch at 5:30 this morning, the thermometer read 100 degrees.

So much for the scheme to walk them at dawn. Too hot for dogs, too hot for humans.

In an hour I have to leave for beautiful downtown Avondale, heaven help me. Their library, which is a first-rate branch with stellar community outreach, is hosting a series of seminars with a writer in residence. Went to a couple of them last month and found it was great fun…plus the guy has some fresh twists on the tried-and-true writing homilies. I think he’s talking about character today, which may help to jump-start the present narrative out of the trench I’ve dug it into.

Two of my characters are bodyguards for the Empress of the Known Universe (as it were). One is a new guy on the block. They’re working out and practicing, and the chief of the team invites our new guy to spar with him. New guy is well schooled in the martial arts…but therein lies the problem: he is schooled, whereas Chief is a street fighter.

So how would that play out? I know nothing about fighting…find boxing repulsive and have never taken a martial arts class. I’ve had boyfriends — one in particular — with some street fighting skills, but fortunately have not had the privilege of watching them in action. Soooo…a lot of dreaming up is going to have to go on here.

I’m thinking YouTube may provide a few clues. But am not sure what keywords will bring up the images or information or instruction (or whatEVER) that I need to develop this scene.

Or whatever…my computer is so screwed up this post didn’t get published. I give up. Where’s that  Maker’s Mark?

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