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My Achin’ Back Roundup!

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Sooo I’m really not getting the posts up here, baaaad basselope! The tardiness is partly a dead laziness issue and partly the result of discovering that the stubborn pain in the right hip and tailbone probably has something to do with my unconscious habit, which no amount of deliberation seems to break, of sitting cattywampus on the desk chair with the left foot hooked under the right thigh, hour after hour after UNCOUNTABLE hour.

Saturday it was out of the sack by 5:00 a.m. and straight across the hall to the office. Spent two hours grading student papers; then read news online and made a couple of comments on other blogs and played a little fake mah-jongg and responded to e-mails and coped with a student query that required 45 minutes of figuring out & explaining and paid Tina for subcontracting work. By the time I got up from the computer to fix breakfast, it was 10:00.

I still hadn’t written a FaM post, still hadn’t entered the last two or three weeks’ of credit-card charges in Quickbooks, still hadn’t scanned and deposited three checks from clients, still hadn’t sent the clients receipts, still hadn’t paid the AMEX and Mastercharge bills, still hadn’t figured out how much to transfer and from where to cover third-quarter 2013 living expenses.

And I had already been parked in front of the computer for five hours! No wonder my back hurts…

This incredible lasagne soup recipe popped up on Stumbleupon.

Donna Freedman wonders how to address the issue of people yakking through a musical performance, the next time it happens to her (which it certainly will). I don’t know whether people are simply so enamored of their own voices that they can’t imagine anyone else wouldn’t want to listen to them, or whether they just don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks. But there sure are a lot of obnoxious folks out there.

101 Centavos has a whole series of entertaining posts this week. Start with the tongue-in-cheek (I think!) ideas for potentially successful retail stores and then explore the rest of the week’s offerings.

Recently I ran across a site called Prawfsblawg, the product of a far-flung band of law professors. This bunch is all over the place, posting on a wide variety of issues. I enjoyed, for example, Rick Garnett’s “The Blogger as Public Intellectual.” But the whole site is well worth reading and revisiting.

Over at A Gai Shan Life, Revanche relates another episode in the family soap opera.

TB grouses about having to start over on the bottom rung at his new job. Therein lies the problem with the adage that people in their 20s and 30s now can expect to change careers several times during their working lives: that means several returns to entry level!

As I was posting about why I don’t need a gun (because every other nutcase in the city has one and so we all assume everybody we encounter is carrying heat), Crystal also posted about the nature of gun ownership in America.

And along the same lines, here’s an eye-roller from The Volokh Conspiracy about the outcome of a firearms safety class.

Money Beagle contemplates ten mystifications of life, to amusing effect.

One Cent at a Time hosted this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance and kindly included Funny’s extended rant over the joys of dealing with Medigap insurers among the Editor’s Choices!

Since Once Cent at a Time is a new-to-me site, naturally I had to explore around, and found a nice post on REITs (real estate investment trusts). I expect if you’re going to invest in one of those instruments, now is the time to do it.

Academics love books. We can’t bring ourselves to get rid of the things, so we end up with gigantic, dusty libraries covering every available wall. Nicoleandmaggie ruminate interestingly on their fantasy library.

Evan at My Journey to Millions goggles in amazement at the repeated flurries of attention to CEOs who claim to draw down $1 in salary from their corporations.

At Planting our Pennies, Mrs. PoP uses a funny cat story to spin off a post on the wacky ease with which we can buy stuff these days.

At NZ Muse, eemusings and soon-to-be-DH plan a round-the-world trip. Maybe they’ll come to Arizona. 🙂

All of us buy clothing made in Asia — whether out of frugality or because we can’t find any practical alternatives anymore. Frugal Scholar observes that most of us overlook the real cost of those purchases. For enlightenment, check out the Robert Pinsky poem Frugal Scholar has reproduced.




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  1. Sorry to hear, I hope your back gets better!

  2. Thanks for the mention and hope you get some relief from your back. What kind of chair/cushioning are you using?

  3. Thanks for the link! Hope you feel better soon!

  4. Thanks for exploring my blog and mentioning the REIT article. I did a bit of surfing here too. 🙂

    Back pains are killing me as well, at mid thirty!

    • Argha wargha! It seems to be a function of bipedalism. Try to extract some extended physical therapy from your insuror. Failing that, take yoga classes and add professional therapeutic massage.

      Enjoyed your site!