Progress Made: Business; Progress Made: Personal

April 13, 2014

So, a new designer came up with a really nice cover design for the adjunct rant, to be called Slave Labor: The New Story of American Higher Education. Hot dang! It looks very handsome. The e-book conversion dude is very pleased. So am I. Slave Labor is ready to go except for the cover design; plus […]

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Endless Thrashings-About

April 11, 2014

Haven’t had a chance to post here because every minute that hasn’t been occupied with work has been occupied with dead exhaustion. A difficult Chinglish scholarly paper arrived early in the week. That took two full days (by full, we mean something like 12 hours) to plow through. Then, an amazing development: Another pair of […]

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Can’t Complain…I Suppose…

April 8, 2014

Worked until 12:30 this morning — starting around 9:00 a.m. yesterday. Untangled 38 pages of endlessly arcane Chinglish, a scholarly paper by a contributor to a journal whose editors have started sending their authors in my direction. Chinese scholars have to write their dissertations in English, and they’re expected to publish their research results in […]

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99 Questions

April 7, 2014

Holy sh!t. Did you see Crystal’s answers to the 99 questions meme? It is completely, totally, incredibly off the wall. Just the idea that the owner of a Vast Blogging Empire would take time to write answers to 99 questions is in itself off the wall (that’s old-folks’ talk for “jumping the shark,” for you […]

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McCutcheon: Funny Takes Out a Loan

April 4, 2014

The Supreme Court’s ruling in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission has engendered another of Funny’s inspired entrepreneurial schemes. By golly, this may be my best idea yet! But first I’ll need a little seed money. Hence, it was off to the credit union for a loan. FUNNY: I’d like to borrow ten million dollars, please, […]

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KJG’s Irises!

April 2, 2014

About three years ago (more, maybe?), my beloved friend KJG gave me a couple of handfuls of bearded iris bulbs from her beautiful garden out at Waddell. KJG has an amazing green thumb, the result of which is a very lovely acre up against the White Tank Mountains. Well, “green” is not the adjective we’d […]

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