Back on Budget at Last! But…at what cost?

February 22, 2015

A miracle has  happened: January and February expenditures came in well under budget. On average, I figure to spend $657 a month for nondiscretionary bills (factoring in the high summer utility bills with correspondingly tiny winter ones) and about $1200 for things I have some control over. Total budgeted for day-to-day expenses: $1857/month. In January, […]

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Tang Me! Tang Me! Yuh oughta take a rope an’…

February 20, 2015

…hang the dishwasher? Remember the rage, a few years back, for cleaning out the dishwasher with Tang, the fake-food sugared orange drink mix? Ever wondered how that worked? Welp, after much scrubbing and cleaning and vinegaring of the stinky freakingbrandnewDishwasher, I got the weird smell out. For awhile. But within a week or so, it […]

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Wait, wait…before you read that last post!

February 17, 2015

First,  you’ve gotta read this hilarious article by Pamela Druckerman! I could barely get through my morning coffee without choking on it. One thing’s for sure: the lady can write circles around Yours Truly. Where my post plods with the snails, hers sails with the swifts. Don’t miss it.

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The Great Closet Winnowing

February 16, 2015

So I’ve been thinking for awhile that it’s time to clean out the closets. Even if I hadn’t been gifted with a fine new body style, it would be time to shovel out the increasingly decrepit clothing. But now that some of the stuff will never fit again, one feels moved to tidiness. Surprisingly, most […]

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Sunday Morning: A moment of quiet

February 15, 2015

Forty-five minutes before I have to fly out the door to choir. It’s going to be an odd choir chivaree this morning. Our honored director is in New York, conducting the young things in a performance at Carnegie Hall. This leaves no one to direct us — his occasional stand-in doesn’t seem to be around, […]

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Existential Angst, Depression, or Just Plain Boredom?

February 12, 2015

So here’s the problem: I cannot make myself get back to productive work. No matter what I try to do to get back on track, I just. cannot. do. it. Before the past seven months of surgical fun began, a normal day’s to-do list consisted of fifteen to twenty tasks. Now I’m lucky if I […]

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