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Pre-monsoon Monsoon?

The wind has been whipping around for days, not altogether unusual for spring in the Sonoran desert, though it’s a little late in the season. But today it’s worked itself up into quite the meteorological frenzy. This afternoon we were having 30- to 40-mph winds…one gust blasted in under the back patio roof and blew the latched back door open!

Though the sun has been bright enough long enough to warm the pool to swimming temp, the winds are cool — it they weren’t quite so rambunctious, the breezes would feel pretty nice. But the air is so dry it makes your skin feel like you’ve turned to parchment! You itch all over…not just on the mosquito bites, of which there are a-plenty.

So I tried soaking in the tub to rehydrate and then slathering coconut oil all over the body. LOL! The upshot? The coconut oil soaked right in, didn’t do much to help the dryness, but left me smelling like a walking Mounds bar.

Olive oil is probably more effective than coconut oil…but it has its own drawbacks.


Don’t know which is worse: walking salad bowl or walking Mounds bar.

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  1. Now I want a Mounds bar. Thanks. :-/