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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Prepper Frolics: Christmas!

What could be better for the prepper mentality than a Christmas Eve potluck? 😀

Between Christmas Eve songfests — one early in the evening and one a sort of midnight service (though somewhat before midnight, which is past the Episcopalian bed-time) — the choir descends on a large potluck. I am not good with potlucks, because my cooking needs are so minuscule I’m not what you’d call accustomed to preparing large meals. Nor can I bake anything, since I no longer have and never again will have a functioning oven.

Well. Unless the lottery pans out…

Luckily, when my friends were emptying out their freezer, they happened to donate a frozen cassoulet kit to my cause. It contains packets of sauce, a little raw chicken, a passel of partially cooked beans, and some sliced sausage. This fine set of ingredients, you’re supposed to toss into a slow cooker and simmer away for the afternoon. Hm.

Not enough to feed 40 people and their spouses… It looks like it’s meant for two to four people. But…interesting…surely it wouldn’t be hard to build on this thing?

I bought a few more boned chicken thighs. The ones that come with the kit are raw — IMHO the only way to make crock-pot meat edible is to brown it first. So cooked up a chopped onion in some olive oil, with a little garlic. Then set those aside, cut up the chicken into more or less bite-sized pieces, browned those. Dumped them into the crock pot with the onions & garlic. Deglazed the pan with some white wine; added that to the pot. Then added the white beans from the package, a can of black beans, a box of fancy Italian tomatoes that actually have a flavor, the packaged sauce and sausage, and another splash of wine.

Just now it smells pretty good! I hope it tastes good. The plan is to get it done by around 4 or 5 p.m., then let it cool and then stash it in the fridge, where it can wait until next Sunday to be rewarmed.

The day is going a lot more smoothly than the last two nightmare days, lhudly sing huzzah. A long list has gotten done, interrupted by a de rigueur traipse to the post office to send outgoing mail.

Remember when we used to be able to stick an envelope in the mailbox, flip up the red flag, and let the mailman take it away?

No longer!

Well, in theory you could, but chances are slim to nil that it would still be there by the time the MailIndividual shows up. The place is swarming with petty thieves, all of them in search of Amazon packages and mail containing data that can be used in identity theft. The other day one of them maced a neighbor in the face; the latter nevertheless jumped in his SUV, chased the bastard on his (or someone’s) bicycle, and ran him down.

Yes, Virginia. There is a Wild West…

Two of today’s envelopes contained checks, and one was a SASE from a limited partnership, containing a vote on a pretty crucial issue. Official-looking to the max, it looks like it would contain a check, useful private data, or both.

So one of the jobs on the to-do list is to write blog post.



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