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PUPPY NAMING GIVE-AWAY: The 4-Month Diet Cookbook!

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So… Soon, before we even know it, Pup will be here. Lindsay, our Pup Breeder, wishes to know what we wish to name this dawg. We have no clue.

BUT…we have a blog. We have clever, creative, and brilliant readers.

Let us call upon them.

My latest book, How I Lost 30 Pounds in Four Months, is about ready for publication. It soon will be available on Amazon.

As a special gift to FaM readers ( 🙂 ), I propose to give away one (1) advance copy, in the form of a PDF, to the person who comes up with the cutest, most appealing, or most appropriate name for this tiny li’l corgi:

Saydees Pups 6 Weeks 017

By “cutest, most appealing, or most appropriate,” we mean “the one I subjectively like the most.” 🙂

No guarantees that this will be THE name that sticks with the pooch for life, since I usually end up naming a pet after I’ve come to know it. But we do need something to start with.

The full title (speaking of names) of the diet/recipe book is How I Lost 30 Pounds in Four Months…Without Hardly Trying: Diet Advice and 125 Killer Recipes from Funny about Money. Not all the recipes are dietetic — those that shouldn’t add too much fat to the frame are tagged with stars. But all are pretty darned good to eat.

30 poundsThe winner will get page proofs for How I Lost 30 Pounds, in PDF format, complete with four chapters of detailed diet advice (largely unscientific) and about 125 recipes, some but not all of which have appeared at Funny about Money.

To participate, submit a comment to this post with your suggested name for this magnificent little corgi pup.

The contest will be open for ten days, starting today: Thursday, February 27, 2014.

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  1. Hmmmm, she looks like a Gidget to me. 🙂

  2. I always give dogs human names: charlie, toby, teddy, leah, etc… , but this little girl looks like Peaches to me. Or Lucy.

  3. How about: Frisbee, Zip, or Dash? I’m thinking she is going to be a wild woman!

  4. How about Dame Margaret Corey, lady in waiting to the Queen of the Universe?

  5. The husband suggests Pickle, but I suggest Sadie.

  6. Thus this diet tip really work? lol

  7. Very interested in reading your book. When I saw the picture I thought “Poppy.” No idea why. But she is so sweet!

  8. How about Georgie…as in Georgie Corgi. But by the looks of the pic, she also looks like a “Georgeous.”

  9. With those bright, shiny, appealing eyes, she definitely looks like a Buttons!

  10. How about Nudge? Not sure why, it just came to mind.

  11. How about naming this little cutie in honor of the most famous corgi owner of all-Queen Elizabeth? You can tell people Her Royal Highness lives at your house.

    Best wishes from Best Bun

  12. Popcorn, Chloe, Duffy or Jelly Bean! Such a cutie.

  13. She looks like a Gracie or a Maddie to me. 😀

  14. What are her parents’ names?

  15. I still like Priscilla…

  16. Delilah just came to me.

  17. Great post. I love your diet cookbook.

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  19. How about Maggie?

  20. I know this is beyond your deadline, but I just had to put in my suggestion: Wilma, or the longer version Wilhelmina. I don’t know why, but when I looked at her photo it just popped into my head.

    • Deadline? It is?

      By my English-major math (which admittedly is negligible), the deadline is PUPPY PICKUP DAY, next Sunday.

      heeeee! She does have a certain Nordic look, doesn’t she? You know, some think the corgi is descended from or related to the Swedish valhund. Explains a lot, doesn’t it?

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  22. “Serendipity’s Chance”….”Chance” for short. To honor how so many things in life happen via serendipity or mere chance. Plus it sounds cool…..LOL. Hope the new addition gets along with the “Queen”.

    • I surely hope she does! One never knows, with dogs, they being almost as unpredictable as humans. But I figure if Anna the GerShep, who desired nothing more than to rid the earth of other dogs, could get along with Walt the Greyhound, this will probably work out.

  23. She looks like a little Lulu to me. 🙂 Lovely little Lulu the corgi!

  24. Mabli – means loveable in Welsh

  25. Holy Golightly because white gloves or socks it wears.

  26. Corky (or Corki) the Corgi. Or Celeste. Lol.

  27. Corky or Corki, the Corgi (or Celeste or Cecilia — Cece for short).

  28. Bug….because no matter what kind of fancy name you give her she will be into everything and be silly and be naughty and just plain be a cute as a button Bug. BTW…she is just adorable!

  29. Sassie, goes with Cassie.

  30. I second the vote for Princess Poppy, but also like Birdie or Bridie.

  31. Coquette – because she looks like a flirt

  32. How about Stubby?

  33. I think she looks like a Pumpkin or Bonnie

  34. I think Bonnie or Pumpkin would be good for her.

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  36. So adorable! How about Peanut or Spark or Zippy? Although not their names, I call my little girls, Gidget and Chami, my little “Peanuts” of the time because their little bodies remind me of the shape of a peanut. Don’t ask me why, they just do…I probably should have named one of them Peanut

  37. So adorable! How about Peanut or Spark or Zippy? Although not their names, I call my little girls, Gidget and Chami, my little “Peanuts” of the time because their little bodies remind me of the shape of a peanut. Don’t ask me why, they just do…I probably should have named one of them Peanut.