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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Rain and Jackhammers

As is often the case, we’re getting the outer edge of the rainstorm that drifted into California…where it’s been causing houses to drift down hills on a tide of mud. Yarnell, beautiful Yarnell, got well over an inch of rain, as did lovely Wittman, home of Ruby the Corgi.

Ah, to be in Yarnell…

Shortly before 7:00 a.m., the bright and cheery song of a jackhammer rose into the air. Cassie and Ruby also rose into the air, emitting a fine barking frenzy. WTF? Storm sewer busted? What?

So I venture outside to see WTF, indeed. Can’t see anyone, but at first think it’s coming from the direction of the WonderAccountants’ house. Possibly in the alley behind their place? Spying on that will be a chore, since the alley curves there and one cannot easily glance down there from our neighborhood lane. Hm. But no… It’s more like the Young People’s house…noooo…. It’s coming from the backyard of the handsomely renovated house on the other side of Young People. No truck is parked in front, but a couple of pails of plaster are standing in the driveway.

Yeah: Undoubtedly a pool replastering job.

Ugh! That means those jackhammers will be banging away for half the day! It takes hours to blast off the old plaster on a large pool. And…fellas? Did your foreman happen to notice that it’s…like…raining? That’s why that wet stuff is falling out of the sky onto your heads.

Some days you realize you’re very lucky not to have some other guy’s job.

The patio seems not to have flooded in the absence of the shade structure’s fiberglass cover. In fact, I think it’s possible that it may have drained better than before. The fiberglass directed runoff from the roof directly into the French drain off the south side of the patio, which of course would fill and overflow within minutes. With the water hitting the concrete and flowing outward from there, drainage seems to spread the runoff across a wider area, sort of the way water runs off a bajada. And that possibly just may have attenuated the Lake Mead effect.

It’s still a mess that will require me to drag the hose over to wash out the mud. But…could be worse.

The table got wet and, because it already had collected some fallen leaves and Devil-Pod tree pollen, was quite the mess to clean up. But I suspect that problem can be easily resolved with a tarp from the Depot.

The cheapie barbecue cover ordered up from Amazon works well to keep the Que dry and clean, and so I can’t see why a cheap tarp wouldn’t do the same for the table. The BBQ cover is “shaped” crudely with a pair of Velcro-backed strips. It would take nothing to secure some heavy-duty Velcro to a flat tarp, which would allow you to tighten the “fit” (as it were) under the table top to keep the thing from blowing off in the wind.

Meanwhile, forgot to drag the wicker rocking chairs into the house from the side deck. By the time I remembered — after the dogs and I were installed in the sack — the rain was really coming down. So had to jump up, run through the house, throw open the sliding door, and drag the two chairs, now amply wet, into the dining room. Fortunately they weren’t completely soaked. Their little seat cushions are already dry this morning…and a couple months ago I’d slapped another thick coat of spray paint on the things, so I guess they’re probably OK.

Yesterday in my frenzy to improve what passes for my health, I walked 2½ miles at a brisk pace, 1½ of them without benefit of dog. Not only that, I also did a yoga routine and two sets of physical therapy exercises for back pain. And…amazingly…


The very first thing that sifted into my consciousness this morning when I woke at dawn was…my back doesn’t hurt my hip doesn’t hurt.

Speaking of WTF! 😀

Over the past some months, I’ve become outrageously lazy. I just do not want to get up out of this comfortable chair. And incoming projects from clients have made that possible: with paid work sitting in the laptop, one can convince oneself that one can’t get up because one has to work. Eh?

Just now the coast is clear. Current client decided to revise his article and asked me to hold off reading it, which instantly shoveled off the virtual desk. So I didn’t feel guilty at diddling away time walking around the ‘hood (read: I had no excuse…).

It is amazing how much better you feel after just one day punctuated with three short periods of mild exercise. The yoga routine only runs about 20 minutes, and the PT routine is much shorter: you can get through it in less than 10 minutes. A mile walk takes about 15 minutes when not interrupted by dog-drags. So really…even if there were any paying work to do, it’s not like that small amount of shuffling around takes that much time away from pecuniary gain. No more time, for example, than lingering over Google News and playing online games…

Hope it clears up enough for another couple of walks today.


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