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Recipe: Puffed or “Dutch” Pancake

So yesterday I got so carried away with relating the results of the conversation among La Maya, JS, and moi that I forgot to give you the recipe for the amazingly gorgeous pancake I whipped up.

This spectacular dish is spectacularly simple. For guests, you can create the illusion of even more magical simplicity by having everything set to go (coffee brewer prepared; bacon or sausages ready to cook, fruit cut up and sautéed or ready to sauté if necessary, table set and condiments in place) before they arrive.

Ingredients are minimalist: butter, eggs, milk, and flour. The amount of milk equals the amount of flour. Obviously, amounts of all depend on the number of folk you hope to feed.

Four people can be served comfortably with the 4- to 4 1/3-quart pan size proportions, assuming you provide something like bacon, sausages, or salmon to supplement. Use a frying pan or “everyday pan”: it should be broad and shallow and oven-proof, because at 425 degrees the pancake will puff up like a gigantic popover.

You’ll need a blender for this frolic.

Pan size



Milk & flour

2 – 3 qt.

¼ cup


3/4 cup each

3 – 4 qt

1/3 cup


1 cup each

4 – 4½qt.

½ cup


1¼ cups each

4½ – 5 qt.

½ cup


1½ cups each

Preheat oven to 425 degrees
Time:  about 25 minutes.

Place butter in a shallow pan and set in oven to melt.  Meanwhile, zap the eggs in the blender at high speed for one minute.  With the blender running, gradually pour in milk and flour, a little at a time.  Blend about 30 seconds after all ingredients are added.

Remove the pan from the oven.  Pour in batter.  Return pan to oven and bake 20 to 25 minutes (depending on pan size), or until puffy and browned.  Serve immediately.  Dust with nutmeg, if desired.

When this “pancake” is done, it puffs up like a popover, but because it fills a whole frying pan, the effect is somewhat like a big, savory soufflé. Guests are amazed, children are tickled, and the result is delicious.

Suggested toppings:

My personal favorite is slices of fresh lemon with powdered sugar served in a shaker or bowl.  Sprinkle on sugar and then squeeze lemon juice over it.

Also wonderful are sliced strawberries, peaches or other fruits in season.

Sooo good: sautéed apples; offer with sour cream or Greek-style yogurt.

In theory, you could serve the pancake with canned pie filling, if your guests favor the fantastically sweet.

Or you can simply serve with honey, maple syrup, or fruit syrup.

It is, BTW, astonishingly frugal. But we don’t need to tell that to our friends.


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