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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Rioting in the Rain, and Assorted Frolics

Totally whipped! What a week!

Friends over for dinner on Thursday… That turned into something strange. First off, the meat I bought at Costco was SPOILED, something I discovered about an hour before folks were supposed to show up. Fortunately, I’d bought another couple of smaller packages at Safeway, and that product was fine. And equally fortunately, my son came to the party, and he kindly took over the grilling of the burgers. Otherwise I probably would’ve been undone.

Since Thursday is a workday for him, he brought Charley the Golden Retriever over to my house at the lunch hour, so he could come straight here from the office.

CharleyCharley, Cassie the Corgi, and Ruby the (former) Corgi Pup get along swimmingly. There’s never been any problem with these pals.

Now people start to show up for dinner, and of course there’s a great deal of Dog Joy elicited by the arrival of several colorful new humans.

Then my friend Connie arrives…with her dog in tow. This, in theory, should be good. Silver the Weimeraner has been here before and she gets along with the corgis about the same way the retriever gets along with the corgis: no problem.

Cassie-and-verbenaSo this all goes along pretty well…until…

About the time the five of us sit down for dinner, all four dogs start to bark…nonstop. In chorus. Nothing we do interrupts this. I put Cassie in the back room, where her beloved nest resides — this usually is a sure-fire bark-stopper. Not so much, this time. My son puts Charley in the back yard, where he continues to bark frantically. Connie eventually puts Silver in her Jeep, but that doesn’t help because Charley, Cassie, and Ruby keep up the din.

The barkfest is so so loud and so uninterrupted that literally we cannot hold a conversation at the dinner table — because we can’t hear each other talking. NOTHING discourages our doggy friends from holding forth.

I do not know what set off this frenzy…but it pretty much ruined the dinner party.

Oh well.

Saturday I went with five friends down to the State Capitol, there to join the Phoenix sister march to the Women’s March on Washington.

It was awesome! An incredible twenty thousand people showed up! I’ve never seen so many people in one place in my life.

And it was cold. It had rained all day Friday and at 1 in the morning, it was just pouring rain. We got there at nine. A brisk, chilly breeze was blowing, but the clouds were breaking up, so as long as you stood in the sun, it wasn’t too bad. Except we were told to gather on the grassy lawn in front of the Capitol building. Well…that had turned into a swamp. A very COLD swamp. Most people were wearing tennies or fabric hiking boots, and you can be sure their feet got good and wet. I had on a pair of Sanitas, which have inch-thick rubber platform soles. These kept my feet out of the water, but by the time I got home, they were coated in mud all the way up to where the leather last is stitched on.

But as the day went on, the clouds blew away and the morning turned very pleasant.

It was a positive event, very fun and supportive, with many vows to keep on fighting the evil impulses that seem to be overtaking our body politick. We shall see about that. But meanwhile, those women can make a damn hilarious sign. The signs were beyond great.

I don’t have a cell phone and didn’t carry a camera (because I didn’t want to carry a purse) — this being Arizona, the home of the hard-line right wing, I expected trouble and wanted to travel as light as possible. So the upshot of that is I have to rely on friends’ images posted on Facebook. 🙂

This morning was “Switch Sunday,” the one day a month the volunteer choir sings for the 9 a.m. service…meaning we have to show up at 8 a.m. Argh! Five-thirty is just too early to get up on a Sunday morning!!! However… This morning’s dawn was not to be missed:


Friday, after taking the rotten meat back to Costco, I spent the entire rainy day working on academic copy. And all of Saturday afternoon. And after all of this Sunday afternoon. It’s almost bed-time, and I finally sent the second-to-last of a dozen anthology articles back to the client. {gasp!}

And what should pop up on the e-mail server but…lo! Another assignment from one of the Chinese mathematicians!

I haven’t even looked at the material sent by candidate assistant editors, which has been sitting there for days, weeks, god only knows how long.

Tomorrow. I am beat. I am off to do the ironing and then go to bed.




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  1. So glad you did this!!

    • Glad the 20,000 people who showed up did that. The city has revised its estimate of the crowd’s size — upward. They’re now saying 25,000.

      Meanwhile, several of my friends physically went to Washington and marched there.

      Jeez. Imagine having enough money and time that you can afford to fly to Washington, D.C. and stay in a hotel to march around the streets! 🙂 It’s awesome that they went that far. Money AND passion!

      Sincerely…I hope that man is impeached and removed from office before he wrecks the country. Not that the Tea Partiers are going to do us any good…

  2. Please help me understand the purpose of the March. I get it for solidarity and am behind the “right to assemble 100%”…BUT what was the purpose? What has the man done to require these mass demonstrations? The man had barely been sworn in and the demonstrations commenced….Aaand talk of impeachment days into his term….One may think it sour grapes from the “Hilary folk”….I don’t recall such demonstrations when Obama took office…Pretty sad…but it’s your blog….

    • What has he DONE? Have you been reading the news?

      He’s lied repeatedly. He gropes women and brags about it (and no, I don’t accept the “boys will be boys” excuse). He intends to curtail women’s legal rights. He intends to blindly demolish the healthcare system, without a thought to how to rebuild it and without a care to how many people will suffer. He’s been in cahoots with the thug dictator of a nation that is not our friend. He very possibly — indeed, probably — was elected illegitimately through the machinations of this man. He cheats his contractors. He ran a crooked fake proprietary “university” into the ground after cheating a lot of people. He mocks cripples. He’s trying to muzzle the free press, a pillar of American democracy. He has NO government experience and no real qualifications to lead the largest and most powerful nation on the planet. He’s installing people in key government positions who are unqualified and have no idea what they’re doing. He exploited hatred and fear for his personal gain. He’s pulled the wool over the eyes of smart people like you. And apparently he thinks those of us who know better should take it laying down.

      Obama was not a narcissistic bully and he was not a crooked business mogul. That might be why the populace neglected to rise up in rage when he took office.

      When six times as many people turn out to a single protest march movement as showed up at Trump’s sparsely attended inauguration, it sends a message. It may not send a message to a would-be banana republic dictator, but it surely does to our elected representatives. No president, not even a wannabe tyrant, is in himself the American government. That’s not how America works.

      A vast demonstration like this sends a message: We shall overcome.

      As we go marching, marching
      We bring the better day.
      For the rising of the women
      Means the rising of the race!
      No more the drudge and idler —
      Ten that toil while one reposes.
      Hearts starve as well as bodies…
      Bread and roses, bread and roses.

  3. Hmmm…I’ll trouble you no more as this is your blog and the tone of it is up to you. I have friends that went to the Inauguration and loved it and actually said it was quite crowded even though it was raining. I also have friends that…”tried” to go to the MARCH but it became apparent early on that it was going to be violent. They left after they saw the third cop get spit in the face….and smelled the smoke of the burning limo as they departed….
    As for qualifications ….Mr. Obama had few if any qualifications…was he ever a mayor of a major city….governor…had he ever run a large multi national company? Served in the military? No …But everyone bought his Kool-Aid. To be clear Trump was elected President not King…And to offer more clarity Obamacare IS a disaster in this neck of the woods. I have tenants who now have moved back with relatives because of the mandate and basically have no coverage with $13K out of pocket….
    I “hired” (voted) for Mr. Trump because I felt the need for change. As for Mr. Trumps comments and “groping”….I believe he apologized. Something that Bill Clinton NEVER did and actually lied under oath and was within a vote of being impeached….and for clarity Ms. Flowers collected $800K from the Clinton’s in her case against Mr. Clinton…I don’t recall any such settlement against Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump had promised change and unlike the rest of Washington he is going to deliver on his plan. Congress holds the power to change or accept this plan….we ARE a democracy….
    I wish you well Funny….

    • The marches were violent? DC, Seattle, NYC, LA, Chicago, and Austin all reported no arrests related to the marches. I don’t have time to go individually check all 700 sites that participated, but it seems logical that if some of the largest cities were not experiencing violence in the marches then there’s a good chance smaller ones were not either.

    • That’s curious…I’m sorry if this happened to your friends. There was no violence here, and no disrespect of the many officers who turned out to ride herd on the crowds. In fact, the DPS officers were mostly smiling and relaxed.

      Officers were assigned to protect the marchers from counter-protesters, who from what I understand had stated they would be present. There was some concern that they would try to interfere, but if they did, no one noticed.

      Possibly the idea (incorrect, it develops) that the marchers were “violent” came from sources of disinformation like this: Its content, alas, is nothing more than fulminating craziness, and utterly the opposite of either divine or truth.

      The sex lives of powerful men derive from their power, whether that power be political or financial. Money and power are aphrodisiac, and so (frankly) I’m not very concerned about the erotic antics of either Mr. Clinton or Mr. Trump, except insofar as Mr. Trump reportedly forces himself on women who have not invited his attentions.

      Ms. Flowers was a) not a child and b) a willing participant, not a woman sitting in the first-class cabin of an airplane who suddenly found the stranger next to her putting his hand up her skirt. Flowers claimed to have had a 12-year-long affair with Clinton: that’s a far cry from grabbing some woman’s crotch because you imagine she will welcome being felt up by the random billionaire.

      But I surely am concerned about Mr. Trump’s taste for “alternative facts.” Did you hear his press secretary say, right in front of God and everyone on the radio, “sometimes we can disagree with the facts”? Yup: if we say a fact isn’t true, then it ain’t true. Holy sh!t. (In case you missed it:

      No, sir, I’m afraid not. You can’t disagree with the facts. And them’s the facts!

      “Sean Spicer, our press secretary, gave alternative facts,” Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday. (

      Alternative facts. {snort!} That would be Double-speak for “falsehoods.”

      I don’t like political correctness, either. I don’t like it that jobs have been offshored and automated out of existence and the American middle class is fading away.

      But I fear putting people like this in charge of the country is not going to fix those things. We may need new leadership, absolutely. But THESE AREN’T THE GUYS!

  4. Glad you enjoyed the local March! I had my pick of several in the area, but decided to stay here in Napa rather than venture out to San Francisco or Oakland. I’m introverting pretty hard these days, but was glad I joined the 3,000 (!!) people who marched in town. Our rallying and end points were so swamped with people that there was no way to contain them all. The local police were forced to shut down some of the streets because there simply was no place for everyone to walk and stand. It was quite exciting and I saw some very clever signs, too.

    I have a local friend that went to DC. The only reason she could do so was because she stayed with an acquaintance who made the offer. Heck, I even received an offer of a place to stay from an acquaintance, but I declined to go because I just can’t deal with travel right now. I suspect many of the women at the March were similarly put up by distant relatives, friends, and people with whom they had a tenuous connection. The floors and couches of many DC area folk were probably full up last weekend.

    It’s sad that other readers don’t understand our concerns. I’m so tired of hearing about what other politicians have done in the past as excuses for why we should just accept Trump and his cabinet. We are supposed to be moving FORWARD and striving for IMPROVEMENT. The actions proposed by this administration are meant to move us backwards instead. 🙁