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Running around in Circles

Just back from a one-mile jog with the dawgs. Trying to get out at 5:00 a.m., but we usually dawdle until around 6, which means some rush-hour traffic is already beginning. And the sun is in your eyes: hafta wear a wide-brimmed hat.

So we must make quite a spectacle by the light of dawn: two dwarf shepherd dogs and an old lady in a floppy straw hat, trotting along while trying to stay in the shade. πŸ˜€

I hate running. I’ve never liked to run, not even when I was a little girl. And truth to tell, I walk faster than I can run.

Jogging is not exactly running and it certainly isn’t walking: it exercises a few different muscles and pounds your joints, which supposedly is therapeutic for your osteoporosis. Right…if you can’t break your hip one way, you can do it another way! πŸ˜€

A mile or more of jogging at least does work you up to light panting, which I imagine means it’s burning some calories. I’m frantically trying to get rid of the 8 pounds I put on during the time when the only thing I could eat was ice cream. This, before revisiting the quack, who is now all worried because my cholesterol levels are wacksh!t, presumably because of pigging out on ice cream for a good ten days. Or more.

The chemical burns in the mouth went away after about two weeks or so. So now I feel no great craving for a way to chill the inside of the maw without causing the cracked and chipped teeth to explode. That’s nice. I guess.

So I’ve lost almost 2 pounds in the past week… but… My son invited me over to his house, and I did eat.

This kid can cook.

Normally I eat my largest and last meal of the day around 1 or 2 p.m. That way, I’m not especially hungry at bed-time, or if I am hungry, it’s not unbearable. This strategy — a decent breakfast around 6Β  or 7 a.m. and a magnificent meal in the early to mid-afternoon — seems to promote weight loss efficiently, especially when combined with light exercise.

As of yesterday morning, I actually was down more than 2 pounds: 2.1 pounds at the crack of dawn. But by this morning I’d gained almost a pound: .8 pounds over yesterday’s measure. So in fact, the official May 23 weight-loss figure is only 1.3 pounds down from Day 1. So my cookies are frosted.

Most of the meal was within the low-carb limit: steak, salad, mixed vegetables. But the veggies came from Sprouts and had some sort of commercial sauce — presumably, like most things that come out of boxes, bags, and cans, full of sugar, starches, and substances from the chemistry bench. And worse yet, we had garlic bread.

Bread makes me blow up like a balloon.

But I dearly love garlic bread. It is impossible to resist garlic bread. Naturally, I had four pieces of the stuff. Who wouldn’t? πŸ˜‰

Oh, well. Usually bread-based bloat goes away in a day or two. But it’s annoying. Especially when you have to run around in circles to make it go away.

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  1. I weigh myself every day, and in order to smooth out the day-to-day flucuations, I average the last seven recordings. This gives me a much better feel for how things are going. Also, I’m assuming you’re weighing yourself at the same time every day, because that’s really important as well.

    • Good thought…sort of like the blood pressure nuisance.

      Actually, what the average is doesn’t much matter for me. I want to know how much I actually lost between day 1 and day 7 of any given week. Since I need to lose 8 pounds and in the past have managed to lose 2 pounds a week without much suffering, I’m hoping to repeat that.

      I find if you weigh yourself right after you go to the bathroom after rolling out of the sack, you’re at the lowest point you’ll be all day long. This being excellent for the morale, that’s when I get on the scale. πŸ˜€ Pretty much the same time of day, every day.