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$aved!! Thank You, Beloved Di$hwa$her

So after its human managed to line up a service call ($130 + $25/every 15 minutes) to address its loud noise, the famous Bosch dishwasher has STOPPED MAKING THE NOISE!

Just in the nick of time, too. Once again, the thing is so quiet you wonder if it’s working at all.

Last night after I’d run the washer on three days’ worth of dishes, I thought…tha’s funny…i don’t recall hearing The Noise. But then figured I must not have been paying attention.

So decided that this morning, what with Charley’s dog dish (huge) to wash and a frying pan that could go in there, I should run the machine first thing off the bat, just to see WTF.

And lo! It really isn’t making The Noise. It has a little buzz in one of the cycles near the start. But it’s a very quiet little buzz, nothing like the Growl That Was the Noise.

So: grab the phone, call the repair outfit, cancel the $155 service call.

Whew! Thank the heavens.

I figure something must have gotten caught in its garbage disposal grinder or some such. I did clean the drain filter, but that shouldn’t have made much difference: it was pretty clean to start with, and I doubt that a dishwasher cycle starts with draining a tub of water. There certainly wasn’t anything in there.

The plumber has ordered me not to put so much as a drop of grease or oil down the drain: in any form…”even spaghetti sauce has grease in it!” quoth he.

Well, that’s easier said than done: how do you wash dishes without some grease going down the drain?

So I’ve taken to wiping the dishes off carefully with paper towels (yes, I know: ecologically unfriendly!) to get as much grease and food particles off before putting them in the washer. This means that the washer’s internal garbage grinder is not getting what we’d call a lot of strain put on it. There really shouldn’t be anything in there that could have jammed it.

Anything’s possible, though. Come to think of it, some months ago a wine glass broke inside the washer and pieces of glass fell to the bottom. I suppose I could have missed picking up a piece (though I did take the shop vac to it). Maybe it shook loose and went on down to the sewer when I took the innards apart to clean the filter.

WhatEVER. Thank goodness I don’t have to blow another couple hundred bucks on getting that thing repaired, on top of all the other repairs and maintenance that have been draining the checkbook.

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  1. That’s good news! A glass shard could very well have been the culprit. Whenever I break a glass, I NEVER get all of the pieces cleaned up, no matter how diligently I try.

    • Yah…it’s hard to see tiny pieces of clear glass because it’s dark inside the washer’s tub and because the bottom of the tub is uneven in places.

  2. My house came with one of those whisper quiet dishwashers installed. Well, unless you count the horrible noise that comes out of the airgap near the faucets when the dishwasher is draining. Because of that noise, I know that when my dishwasher starts up the first thing it does is start draining. So, it’s entirely possible that horrible noise was a small piece of glass or something like it in the dishwasher drainage system.

    On the topic of odd things stuck in the dishwasher drain, I cleaned mine out a couple days ago when I noticed an item in the lower rack had a bunch of food bits stuck to it after running a cycle. (And not food bits that had been on it when when added it to the dishwasher.) This is a surefire signal that I needed to the clean the “trap” at the bottom of the dishwasher. There weren’t any large bits of anything in the various screens, though, just a bit of fine lint and a small wad of my own hair. My hair gets freakin’ EVERYWHERE in the house, but this was a new one for me to discover. I’m worse than the dog when it comes to shedding. 😉

    Glad it got cleared up and you’re able to use that money on something more urgent or necessary.

  3. Heeee! Well, you have a dishwasher that talks to you…I guess that’s a rare creature.

    Yeah, my hair is _everywhere_, too. It’ll wrap itself around the beater brushes in the vacuum cleaner(!), a bitch of a job to clean out. Really, sometimes I wonder about corgi owners who complain about their furbelows’ shedding…dog hair is as NOTHING compared a long-haired human’s!