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Teva Teva Teva Teeeeevas!!!

Heeee! Who would think a pair of shoes made of rubber, Nylon, and Velcro could be soooo kewl?

Well…they’re probably not. They’re probably kewl only to a certain nerdly type.

Last year I bought my first pair of Teva sandals, hiking/loafing footwear favored by the outdoorsy set. I had resisted for quite a long while, because they came highly recommended by SDXB, with whom, by the time his love affair with the things began, I had become profoundly annoyed. If he liked the damned things, I reasoned in my girlish way, they couldn’t be much.

In spite of myself, last year I tried on a pair and was seduced into buying. And I’ve come to love them.

I wore them almost every day all through the summer (wading through water and mud and gravel and dust and grass and weeds in them) and then with socks against the cold all through the winter. That pair beginning to look a little tired, I decided that before the heat comes in this year, I should buy another pair. Several styles exist; one was much cuter than last summer’s style, and I thought maybe I should try that.

So it was off to Sportsman’s Warehouse, conveniently located next to my second-favorite middle-class Costco store (the Costco nearest me is conveniently located between a desperate slum and a Walmart). Tried on the “cuter” style and found, as I’d found a year or more ago, that it threatens to raise a blister on the tenderist part of the arch. But LO! The model I’ve come to love and worship now comes in…yes! LIPSTICK RED!!!!!

Who could resist?

So I bought a pair of those. If anything, they seem to fit marginally better and feel even more incredibly comfortable than the old black & grey model.

While I was at it, I also picked up a pair of Teva flip-flops (“slides,” the company calls this model). These, I don’t even have to bend down to pull on the feet. They won’t do for those two- and three-mile de-fatting walks around the โ€™hood, but they’ll be mighty handy around the house and yard. Assuming Pup doesn’t eat them. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here they are: Nerd High Fashion:

P1020860And your favorite fashion footwear is…?

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  1. Those ARE cute! I’ve never heard of the brand before, now I want some. ;o)
    My fave brand is SAS. Unfortunately, they ain’t cheap and they never go on sale. *sigh*

    • It’s a type of hiking and camping sandal. If they fit, they’re amazingly comfortable. If they don’t…well…they ain’t.

      They have a rubber sole with a good tread and nylon lashings, so you can use them to walk in streams and slippery surfaces. This makes them popular among hikers. I personally don’t feel very comfortable about wearing them in the desert, because of the risk of surprising a rattlesnake. SDXB and I have both come alarmingly close to stepping on one of the little guys — he wears the beloved Tevas anyway, but I always wear high hiking boots and long pants out there, weather be damned.

  2. Haha right now my favorite fashion footwear is snow boots. And wool socks, I actually laughed when I saw polished toenails in sandals!
    Love my Tevas too but they’re currently packed away in a box in the basement.

    • Yipe! It’s never too late to move to Arizona!

      Heh. On the other hand, once you get here, you have to become accustomed to living in the Laughingstock of the Nation, made so by our clownish legislators. When asked by fellow airline passengers where they hail from, Arizonans routinely reply with things like, “ohhh…North Dakota.”

  3. I have 2 pairs of shoes – the converse knockoffs that I wear in winter – whenever it’s actually cold enough to require socks – and the teva sandals that I wear EVERY other day.

    Some mornings I will wear the tevas to work, take them off and put socks on because my feet are cold ๐Ÿ™‚

    My tevas are 8 years old and this fall I realized they’re really *done* – the soles have worn through on both sandals and I can stick my finger through the sole at the heel. Because I had *so* much trouble finding these eight years ago, I bought TWO pairs – so my plan is that when it warms up (next month probably) enough to switch back, I’ll drag out the new pair and give these a decent burial ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mine are not tevas – they’re “rafters” brand – I haven’t found a pair of tevas that fit me nicely. The original pair that I had were Merrells – their schtick is that the bottom sole was made of recycled tires including the tread – you couldn’t possibly wear them out by walking ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yah. I think because all the parts are artificial materials, they’re probably not very forgiving. The lipstick-red model is really the only one of the styles that’s perfectly comfortable on me. But it IS perfect!

      I’ll look for “Rafters.” I do like Merrells, too! Esp. their boots.

  4. In the summer I wish I could live in my Keen sandals:!alaskan%20blue

    For now, that’s just a distant dream. I’ve been wearing my snow boots *a lot* these days. *sigh*