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The 4 Best Android Apps to Track Your Investments

Stock trading happens throughout the day, but unless you’re a trader with a stock ticker on your work computer, you’re not always able to check performance. Maybe there’s a stock you want to trade, but you’re tracking it to find the ideal sale price. Or you want to buy, and you prefer to get the stock at the lowest possible price. Whether it’s research or investing, it’s difficult to simply log on to the major trading websites when at work, at lunch, or during a break in a meeting. Android phones make it far easier to track investments, especially when you’re using these four apps.

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo’s Finance app makes monitoring stocks easy and efficient. It has no trading capabilities and is strictly view-only. What makes it an excellent app is the fact that the interface is uncluttered, has all of the information you need and want for the stocks you’re tracking, and goes beyond just stock tracking. Intuitive navigation means there is a little learning curve needed to figure out how to do what and go where within the app.

The app lets users create a personalized watch list in order to get stock quotes and news relating to the stocks on the list. Compare stocks on full screen charts. It also tracks more than stocks alone. Keep up to date with information on currencies, bonds, futures, equities, and more. Yahoo Finance covers all of the basics and supplies vital information when you need it most.

Stock Quotes Live Wallpaper

Stock Quotes Live Wallpaper does what its name suggests: scroll stock quotes on the home screen. It’s mainly used for the simple purpose of seeing stock quotes at a glance. Just look at the phone to check the progress of certain stocks at any given time.

The app is straightforward to set up and use. Simply enter in the stocks you want displayed, dial in the settings, and apply. Users have the option to choose the display settings, how fast the stocks scroll, background color, and how frequently the quotes refresh. Powerful phones like the Galaxy S7 have the capacity to take on the operating requirements of an app such as this one. As long as the phone has a network connection, it’ll keep the information updated according to the refresh rate. For more information on the Galaxy S7, click here.

That’s all this app does, however. Taking action on a stock requires logging into a portal on a regular computer or trading app.

MSN Money

MSN Money works in a similar fashion to Yahoo, except it syncs across the desktop and cell phone. Information viewable on the Android is also viewable on the desktop. Any changes made on any device transfers to all. This function eliminates a lost trade due to a lack of consistency across devices.

The tracker lets users follow all of the major and minor stock indexes along with currency exchange rates and commodity prices. Simply put all stocks into the personal watch list and check on performance at a glance. No scrolling through several screens just to get one stock quote. MSN Money also carries the latest financial news and supplies targeted information for the stocks stored on the personal watch list.

Stock Tracker

Stock Tracker brings simplicity to tracking stocks. The app lets you create a personal watch list of stocks and graphs their performance. Choose from once-a-minute, daily, weekly, or monthly views to check out the performance of any given stock. Information gets updated in real-time which means no missing out on the latest change to a stock price. It also provides a news feed that updates whenever a relevent article gets published.

Keep in mind that Stock Tracker is straightforward and has few whistles and bells. But for clean, clear-cut stock tracking, it can’t be beat.

Stock tracking is a very personal activity, and these apps help you follow your favorite stocks. They’re feature-rich but won’t clutter the screen with unwanted information when all you’re interested in knowing is up-to-date performance. Check in at your leisure, or take a quick glance during a slow moment and get all your information in one place.

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