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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

The Frost Is on the Palm Tree

Every time it rains in the low desert and snows in the high country, we know it’s gonna freeze come the first clear, cloudless night.

Welp, as we scribble we are enjoying that first clear, cloudless night. It as, as my daddy used to say, colder’n a bygod out there! I just spent a chunk of time covering stationary plants and hauling movable pots into the house.

Exactly what a bygod is, I never could figure out. His rustic turn of phrase (he had many, because by birth and temperament he was pretty rustic) always conjured up that metal idol the raging pagans used to incinerate infant sacrifices to their gods. You know…from Sunday School?

Okay, maybe your Sunday School was somewhat less rustic.

More recently I’ve come to think it’s a variant of bigod or by God, as in “by God, it’s cold out there!”

So as we sit in front of the cozy little space heater, let us count our bloggish blessings:

One of our favorite bloggers posts, on Facebook, that she’s in far colder climes than lovely uptown Phoenix, which will only reach about 32 degrees tonite: Talkeetna, Alaska, where she’s watching a competition of wilderness women. Somehow she’s managed to fill the pages on Surviving and Thriving, though (the woman must do nothing but travel and write!). Presently she’s offering a TSA-friendly travel bag as a giveaway and reporting entertainingly on her Black Friday adventures (oh god, am I glad I’m too broke to do that!).

Belatedly I’ve managed to get around to adding Frau Tech’s site to the blogroll. She gnashes her teeth about many of the same things that make my teeth grind: the state of American education, the inanity of the American workplace, the status of women in any place… Not only that, but my friend KJG’s daughter is a fine young engineer, requiring me not only to acknowledge FT’s site but to forward the link to her.

Nicole and Maggie want to know: Would you pay more to live in a good school district?

Over at Budgets are Sexy, J. Money has about had it with Black Friday, and so he offers a much more interesting topic for the day. Heh heh heh heh heh….

Take a look at the “Reader Story” guest post buy one Joe Z, at Get Rich Slowly. Joe addresses the issue of moving your family overseas for work, something that the current generation is calling “geographic arbitrage.” My seagoing father called it “taking a shore job for Standard Oil in Saudi Arabia,” but the effect was about the same as it is for young people today. And IMHO, it’s something every young American with a marketable skill should consider.

What with the current enthusiasm for raising your own chickens (La Maya and La Bethulia have got a clutch of chicks nesting in a back room!), Mrs. Accountability tells the tale of the time she and Mr. A decided to raise their own Thanksgiving turkeys. Pretty amazing!

At My Journey to Millions, Evan writes a letter to his son, celebrating son’s first birthday. Cute photos, too! LOL! The old man has to allow that all those smug friends and relatives who used to cluck “you’ll understand when you have kids” may have been right.

Money Beagle advises on things to consider before buying a condo—thoughts that could apply to any HOA that’s in a position to charge an assessment.

Well, the pork roast is cooked and I hunger. Later!


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  1. Thanks for the mention! and that you for the compliment I will let Christian know!

  2. Haha, happy Monday! 🙂

  3. Happy to be read by someone I read! And happy to hear about another young, budding female engineer!