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The Internet Is a Many-Splendored Thing…

How do I love the Internet? Let me count the ways…

Continuing to ruminate on the bed-purchasing project and reflecting on how meh one feels about the ugly pieces of furniture available at Ikea, I chanced to wonder what Pier 1 has. And Cost Plus. And…and…and…  Yeah.

Hence, a Google search in the wild.

Yes. Pier 1 does sell platform bed frames, but apparently not in twin size. BUT, saith Google, maybe you oughta take a look at this-yere Home Depot page.

“Home-freaking-Depot? You must be kidding, Mr. Page.”

“I kid you knot,” replied the virtual CEO.

And lo! Lookee here!

JUST the ticket! I was going to paint the cheap-looking Ikea number black, to match the black wicker Pier 1 rocking chair residing in the proposed “guest bedroom”/office with the ultimate recliner. And this one has no hideous DIY-looking headboard thing attached to it.

Then, darned if it doesn’t get BETTER. Lookit this:

Dang! Isn’t that moderne! More to the point, it is tall enough that you could push a (dog hair-breathing) vacuum cleaner or a swiffer mop under it with no problem. And…hang onto your hat…the price is $70.40!!!!!

They’ll ship it for “free” (meaning, of course, that it cost HD $71 less whatever they estimate to be a typical delivery cost less the wished-for profit). The wooden one runs twice that: $143.

This would solve the problem.

The assembled height of each of these clunky gems is about a foot — 11 inches for the wooden number. Unless you bought a real mattress with box springs, the resulting bed would be so low that hauling an aged, aching human frame off it would be painful. But for the price, you could afford to buy a traditional innerspring mattress with a box spring, which would make it tall enough to get up with relatively little discomfort.

Wonders never cease, eh?

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  1. I don’t understand why so many “trendy” beds are so low. And then there are the really high ones, which are the result of a thick, pillow-top mattress and standard box spring. If I can’t sit on the bed to put on socks, etc. then I don’t think it’s the right height. The last bed I bought for the guest room is a pillow-top, but I got the slim box spring to go under it. It would have been much too high otherwise.

    • Yes. That really is an annoyance, one of the many annoyances of the Brave New World. My bed is so high I have to climb onto it, and the dogs have to be lifted on and off — if one of them jumps, she’s likely to hurt back (corgis are easily injured by jumps or falls from furniture).

      And the built-in pillowtop? WHY? I’ll tellya why: so the damn mattress will wear out faster: you can’t flip a pillowtop mattress over. For that matter, mine is so heavy I can’t even turn it 90 degrees without help.

  2. Home Depot, huh? Good to know for future reference. Please post pictures when you get it set up.

  3. No courage necessary for Home Depot! I am a BIG fan and have NEVER had a problem returning anything or getting them to make something right. Recently I bought the roofing package for my house and there were some “hiccups” in delivery and some trim was damaged. I made a call and it was “fixed” immediately….My thought is you’ll be fine…Can’t wait to see the pictures of t set up….That IS a good price….

  4. AND….if you pay with a discounted gift card you will save another 4 percent. At least, that’s the discount currently available at the aggregator site Not much in this case, but it will help chip away at the sales tax.

    And I’m with Linda and you on this one: Why would you have a bed that’s too low to lean against/sit on while putting on your socks OR to vacuum under easily?

    Hope to be in Phoenix next month. If you haven’t got it set up yet, let’s tackle it together: Between us, we have almost a whole brain. 😉