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The Miracles of Connectivity

So I’ve figured out why it appeared I was ostracized from the current Churchly function’s planning activities.

The folks who were sending out notices had my business gmail address. That thing is set to forward to my address.

Apple does not have a “spam” function. Instead it presents you with three folders: an inbox, a “trash” folder, and a “junk” folder. What exactly is the point of TWO folders for unwelcome mail? That escapes logic of any kind.

WhatEVER. Apparently there’s a difference between “trash” and “junk,” but I don’t know what it is. I use the “rules” function to derail incoming that I don’t want to look at right this minute or that I wish never to see into “trash.”

During the most recent rash of MacHeadaches, one of the telephone techs noted that when you see incoming that’s obviously an ad, you don’t even have to open it: all you have to do is highlight and click “junk”…and forevermore, every incoming from that address is disappeared into the “junk” file.

Okay. So some piece of advertising garbage comes in, and that’s what I do.

BUT…apparently this piece of advertising garbage had been sent to the business address and forwarded from there. So MacMail picks up the CE Desk address and derails EVERY PIECE OF INCOMING that is addressed to that gmail account!!!!!!!

AND…that explains where all the business went this summer… It did seem odd that not ONE current or prospective client got in touch.

It’s taken almost two hours to undo that mess.

At least I’m not suicidally depressed anymore. Now I’m just mad as a cat.

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  1. Well, this doesn’t make me want to replace my PC with a Mac. ;o) At least you now know what the problem is/was and know how to deal with it. In a lot of ways, computers make our lives more complicated, don’t they?

  2. Yeah. It’s not getting any better, either. Now MacMail has decided to quit highlighting unread emails, so I can’t tell which of the 600+ messages I’ve check to see if I need to respond to them and which not.

  3. It’s good that you got the junk/spam issue figured out. Both Apple and Microsoft use the term junk mail while Google uses the term spam.

  4. Oh ugg. Do you think you lost a lot of business, or did your clients wait “patiently” to hear back from you? You had a vacation and didn’t even know it!