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The Most Expensive Grocery Store in Town?

For a brief shining moment, it looked very much like the winner of for Most Expensive Grocery Store in Town Prize was…not AJ’s (gourmet central). Not Safeway (two-for-one sale, wherein the first item’s price is inflated). Not Albertson’s. Not Costco (Home of the Impulse Buy). Not Trader Joe’s. Nay, not even Whole Foods!

Where could you buy a pound of apples for $7.++ per pound? Walmart!

I stood there staring at those Pink Ladies and thought…they must have mixed platinum powder into the fertilizer.

But no. Below the sign and hidden on the lip of the apple bin was a sticker claiming their price worked out 12.8 cents an ounce. There being 16 ounces in a pound: $.128 x 16 = $2.05 a pound.

That’s pretty cheap compared to the four bucks or so requested at AJ’s for premium apples. Oh, well. AJ’s had some exotic apple variety I’d never heard of, something called Koru. So we traded two $2.00 Pink Ladies (an excellent choice) for a $4 Koru.

Unfortunately, the Walmart didn’t have any of the dog food that I went up there to buy, hoping to avoid a lengthy trip to a more upscale store that carries the ridiculously expensive product that is the only thing I’ll feed the corgis when I don’t feel up for making their food.

So, I was going to have to traipse way to hell and gone down to AJ’s anyway, which sells the dog food for about $13 a roll, a buck more than Walmart charges, when Walmart has the stuff.

However… AJ’s has the advantage that it sells a very fine ready-made beef lasagne. Happening to be half-starved, I bought one helping, enough for two meals here at the Funny Farm. And naturally, a bottle of côtes du Rhone, on sale in the Summer Special.

Image: DepositPhotos, © korovin

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  1. This is completely off topic from your post, but made me think of you. I woke up this morning to a dead fridge. I got the frozen items transferred to the chest freezer, and the remaining items in coolers under a mountain of ice. I was trying to figure out where to look for a new fridge. I knew that HD was having sales for Memorial Day (because what better way to honor the holiday than with some consumerism). The store is offering 40% fridges right now, but when you read the small print the following brands are excluded: Whirlpool®, Maytag®, KitchenAid®, Amana®, GE, LG, Samsung, Frigidaire®, Electrolux, Hoover®, Shark®, Dyson, Haier®, Summit®, Danby®, Delonghi®, Blomberg®, and Bertazzoni. So basically, you can get a fridge on sale, but not one from any brand you’ve ever heard of…seems fitting.