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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

The people spoke. Will they be heard?

Wow. Watch this. Keep on watchin’…more drama to come tomorrow.

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  1. IMHO….there isn’t one united Republican Party but rather there are three Republican Parties….Main stream….Liberal….and Conservative….and no one is willing to give an inch….. Isn’t it sad that Pelosi gets such pleasure from this perceived failure….Pretty sure Paul Ryan got threw under the bus and may lose his leadership role . And the real loser? Folks who are forced to use Obamacare with crazy deductibles, co-pays and premiums….We as a Nation are looking more and more like Rome in it’s decline…..

    • There’s something to that, Jestjack. It’s like neither party is functioning well. Trump is certainly not The Answer — he’s an effing disaster. The party needed to have run someone who understands POLITICS, not wheeler-dealering questionably ethical corporate business enterprises. Politics, too, is wheeler-dealering and questionably ethical, but it’s different from running a business. It’s like asking a doctor to run a law practice: dumb and dumber.

      Day or two ago on PBS I saw a woman business owner along with her employers explaining why they so loathe Obamacare. She had a successful small business employing upwards of half a dozen people. Back in the Day, they had been able to afford employee health insurance. They had decent policies that covered about everything for an almost reasonable amount. It was, at least, affordable for her and for her workers, the employees were happy with it, and everyone WAS covered.

      Come Obamacare, the benefits dropped to bare-bones and the price when through the roof.

      Then the costs rose again. She struggled to keep SOME sort of policy. And then costs rose and benefits dropped again. She couldn’t afford to offer any insurance at all, and her employees couldn’t afford it, either.

      So, against her wishes, she had to STOP offering health care as a benefit to her employees! They had to go out on the market, and some of them could not afford what was on offer, period. Today, some have no insurance at all, and some have policies that cost through the wazoo but cover almost nothing.

      It’s good that poor people and people who have pre-existing conditions can get coverage. But it’s NOT good that middle-income workers and ordinary small businesses can afford to buy nothing more than bare-bones coverage…or nothing at all.

      As she said — and as I think we’ve said — Obamacare is a Pushmi-Pullyu that doesn’t work well for everyone; what was needed was, yea verily, a single-payer system similar to Medicare, which you can supplement as desired with private insurance to obtain full coverage for every sniffle that comes along.

      Medicare + Medigap + Part D isn’t cheap — I pay more for it (a LOT more) than I paid from my (pre-Obamacare) health insurance through the Great Desert University, which covered the same matters and didn’t cheapie me on drug coverage. But MC + MG + D does cover doctors & hospitalization plus some meds, for a figure that’s not bankrupting me.

      The question is, why didn’t they do that in the first place? Presumably because they knew Big Pharma and Big Medicine and the Republicans would block it?

      Whatever the reason, one can’t help but suspect the outcome (whether it’s the mind-boggling Obamacare or whatever heartless scheme the far right dreams up) is the result of a systemic dysfunction in our body politick. Ancient Rome indeed does come to mind…

  2. Both parties need to stop pointing fingers and work together to come up with answers….Looking back I think this IS the very reason Paul Ryan did NOT want to be Majority Leader. He had to be coaxed as memory serves….