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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

The Walk on the Wild Side Continues

Okay, so I swing my leg over a Harley, and what happens? I go completely off the deep end. Actually, it’s not my fault. I blame my friends. It’s all their doing. I swear. I’m not getting wilder and wilder. Seriously.

Not 12 hours after the motorcycle fugue, I was sitting down to breakfast with those rowdy members of the Scottsdale Bidness Assocation. Each time we meet, we all throw a buck into a pot, from which each person takes a ticket. If your number is called, you win that week’s staggering ten bucks or so.

It’s enough to infect a man’s mind (or a woman’s, I’m afraid). As the basket is going around, George the Younger posits a question:

“What do you think I could do with $13 million?”

The group being out of control at that moment (as it was most of the morning), he recasts the question: “What would you do with $13 million?”

This gets some attention. Thirteen million bucks…what to do?

“Not this, that’s for sure!”

“I’d quit my job tomorrow!”

“Jerry (travel agent) would set up a meeting for us in Tahiti!”

“I’d just keep on doing what I’m doing.”


So it was that we decided that the 13 bucks, all told, we put into the pool would be used this week to buy our group 13 MegaMillions tickets.

No. Really. I do not play the lottery. I subscribe to the theory that says, “You can’t lose if you don’t play.” And I do know you have a better chance of being struck by lightning a half-dozen times than you do of winning the MegaMillion lottery. Yes. Seriously.

It was peer pressure. How could I not throw in a buck? I haven’t won the pool in over a year. So throwing away a buck…what difference does it make?

Forthwith our intrepid president went out and bought 13 lottery numbers, PDFs of which he forwarded to the merry group.

Thirteen tickets. How can we lose?

The payoff is up to $640 million now. Think of that.

If When we win it, if we take the $462 million in cash that represents, we’ll each collect $35,538,461.54. And who could be more deserving?

What are you planning to do with your MegaMillions winnings?

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  1. I spent more than I would like to admit on the megamillions last night lol…I was in a couple pools each with hundreds and hundreds of tickets! We didn’t all check our numbers yet, but needless to say we were not the 3 big winners

  2. Mr FS used to have a motorcycle and we spent many happy hours riding through the Indiana countryside.

    We didn’t buy any tickets because you can fantasize WITHOUT buying!