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The Woman Who Could Not Throw a Box Away

Hey! Is it my fault that SOME day EVERYone will need a box? The box in the perfect size?

Okay, it’s true, more than the ideal number (that would be 1) of perfectly sized boxes were piled atop the garage cabinets. What can I say?

With the Dog Chariot’s back seats removed from the garage cabinets, it’s been time to clean out the garage and reorganize the cabinets ever since Phryne LaVenza arrived. The weather is now cool enough that ungodly heat is not an excuse to continue gold-bricking. And I need some exercise.

So tidy! Note the apposite use of old cardboard boxes...

So tidy! Note the apposite use of an old cardboard box…

Exercise is what I got, shoveling out the cabinetry.

I tend to collect boxes that will hold a set of moderately sized objects with comfort, should one ever have a collection of moderately sized objects and need to stash them.

You’d be surprised how rarely one needs to stash moderately sized objects…

The recycling bin is now full to the brim with moderately sized boxes, all of them devoid of moderately sized objects. But I did save a couple of them. Just in case!

As you can imagine, a person who collects boxes also tends to accrue a number of other interesting items.


Uncontrollably evil…

Prominent among these was — hallelujah! Not one, not two, but three containers of Over-the-Top in the old formulation that actually used to kill Bermuda grass!!!!!!!

Few weeks ago, I did order some Over-the-Top from Amazon, despite warnings from reviewers that it doesn’t do much to kill grass anymore. Sprayed it on twice, and it…well…it sorta made the devilgrass look sickly. But clearly it did not faze the stuff. I mourned the old, real Over-the-Top.

So was beyond joy to find several half-full jugs of now illegal (no doubt) grass-killer hiding in the garage litter.

Trust me, you do not want the invasive weed that is Bermuda grass in your flower beds. But if you live in Arizona, you cain’t hardly avoid it. The stuff is persistent, wiry, nasty, and ubiquitous.

Is the antique Over-the-Top so old it’s no longer effective? We’ll soon know: I sprayed it all over the mound of grass that is choking out the pretty Mexican primrose in the poolside flowerbed.

So it’s not bad, maybe, to hoard garage items.

Many other splendid objects were exhumed. Most went into the recycling bin. But others were reorganized where they could be found, not forgotten…and maybe even used one day.

Garage cleaning. It’s a rite of passage.

Image: Cynodon dactylon. Public Domain,


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  1. I used to be really bad about holding onto empty boxes and bags, too. Since I’ve passed the 50 milestone, I’ve become much less interested in holding onto stuff in general. Also, my current place is quite a bit smaller with less storage than the old one, so I just don’t have the room to keep anything I don’t use on a semi-regular basis. Anyway, congrats on getting the garage in order and I hope you get the Bermuda grass under control.