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The Yellow Skies of Arizona

So this afternoon Tina and I are about to leave our favorite Tempe restaurant, after having loafed and grazed for a couple hours. It was chilly when we arrived — hence our taking up an indoor table instead of our usual patio throne. Peering through a window, she says, “It looks like it’s getting colder out there.”

And yes, it surely does seem to have grown darker. “Some cloud cover must be coming in,” say I.

But no.

What made the sky darker was smog.

The worst smog I’ve seen in Arizona since before my son was born.

Since he’s some 40 years old now, the filth in the air is thicker than it’s been in over 40 years! Literally, the sky has a yellow cast. The touristy little hills at Papago Park, just east of the freeway — within (reasonably healthy) walking distance thereof — looked hazy gray through the dirty air.

Cripes. No wonder my head is stuffed up to the point where my teeth hurt! This is the reason we left Southern California!

If I had a camper, I’d throw the dogs, a jacket, and a couple clean shirts into it and head for northern Arizona. Right now. And if I still had the ranch? Well, I’d prob’ly be living there these days.

Makes Prescott look better & better.

Dust Abatement Update

Yes. So…dust abatement in Phoenix: The Cox guy did show up yesterday afternoon. He did dig a trench across the alley and he did reconnect the cable line and while he was at it he saw the previous service dude had made a mess of the inside of the cable stanchion thing in the alley and so he attempted to fix that.

The phone is working again and my computer is more or less online.

So, yeah: dust abatement is apparently what we need.

Yarnell looks better and better.

Papago Buttes. Joe Flood from Washington, USA – Flickr, CC BY 2.0,

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