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The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. ―Edmund Burke

Thing$ are turning up ro$e$

So yesterday I finally felt well enough to update the bookkeeping. Jeez. It’s too, too good to be true.

Got $4500 back from the feds. That will be enough to cover the remaining 2017 car payments, and then some. It also may mean that at the end of the year there’ll be enough left to replaster and update the pool.

Then we have the stock market. Holy mackerel! That thing has returned $92,254.72 since February 2016. Which is cheering, since I’m required by law to withdraw about $40,000 from the IRA every year, most of which I use to live on, shore up the shack, and keep the car rolling. It means that this year (barring a stock market crash…), the RMD will not cause investments to run at a loss. For a change.

Meanwhile, the editing business is running amok. Since January 25, The Copyeditor’s Desk has earned almost as much as it normally earns in a year.

Mercifully, a lull in the editorial workflow developed just as I was coming down with the present epizoötic. I can’t imagine what I would’ve done if I’d had a lot of work and a deadline. Would have had to farm it out, I guess. But a week of quietus coincided, by miraculous good luck, with the week of lying semi-conscious under the covers.

The proposed new client, a fiction writer, just resurfaced this morning. I expect she’ll send her MS over later today or this evening, and by tomorrow a.m. I should be well enough (I hope) to start working on that.

Watch. What this means is that by Friday three indexes will drop on my desk and another author with 98,000 tangled words will surface. Or three new Chinese mathematicians will lob marginally intelligible inquiries across the Pacific.


Back on the personal finance side of the ledger, between the outrageous workload and the outrageous bug, I am not spending much. Charges to AMEX and Visa have been so modest that even with the occasional extraordinary bill — cleaning and repairing the propane grill, for example — personal spending has stayed on budget.

Now, it must be said: no diddling money away makes Jill a very dull girl… And sooner or later I am going to have to buy some clothes. In fact, if I were functional today, I’d use this slow morning to run out to Scottsdale, where the better Nordstrom’s Rack resides.

In fact, though, there’s a shop in Glendale — somewhat closer — that carries uniquely cute clothing (at uniquely eye-glazing prices…). I may go out there instead, since I know I can always get something there that will knock your proverbial socks off, whereas at Nordstrom’s Rack it’s catch as catch can. There’s something to be said for spending more to save time (now that the time is actually worth something…) and to get an especially desirable product that will last.

Welp, I must go stand in the shower and inhale steam until the hot water runs out; then go buy some dog & human food. And Kleenex. A  lot of Kleenex. And so, away!

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